Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Denbury Halloween Party

Yesterday we attended Denbury's annual Halloween party.  We are really loving all the perks associated with Will's work. :)

It was fun to see the building and meet the people Will works with.  
Here is Benjamin learning about oil at Will's desk.

After the tour we headed out to the courtyard for the party. It was such a neat setup - games for older kids, face painting, pumpkin patch, decorating pumpkin station, and fun food.

Will is such a great photographer. (sigh)

Taking a break.

Daddy and Benjamin

Me and my favorite garden gnome. 

Benjamin loved playing with the older kids.  He took hula hooping very seriously. 

 We enjoyed Fletcher's Corny Dogs and funnel cakes for dinner.  Yummy!

We had so much fun at the Halloween party and are looking forward to going again in the future!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

McKinney Living

Wow, a whole month of not blogging!
Where have I been you might ask.... 

Well... three weeks ago I traveled to Aggieland with a few of my best friends to watch some Aggie football.  We did some hardcore parking lot tailgating in the parking lot before the game.

Class of 2007! Whoop!

Love this field.

After an Aggie victory, I found Riley to take a classic "Gig'em" picture.  It was so fun to see Riley coaching on the sidelines at Kyle field. I am so proud he is an Aggie!

The next week my parents were in DC so Will and I stayed at their place.  Will's commute from the apartment to work was pretty horrible so staying at Tula and Pop was a real treat.
Yes. It is light outside in this picture. Yes. My husband is already home from work. Yes. I love his new job.

Laying poolside with Hank.

God is so good.

One day during our stay we met Kristen for lunch.
Benjamin loved getting his photo taken. 

After lunch we went over to Aunt Amanda's house for some chalk fun.  Amanda is moving this week so this was our last play date in her old house. 

Man, I am a good Aunt.

Waiting for Daddy looking cute.

Friday we headed back to the apartment to spend our last weekend before the big move!

We enjoyed spending time at Miss E and Boots house over the weekend.
Benjamin especially loved playing sitting on Rex.

He also had fun looking at Miss E's flowers.

This kid loves my hair.
Santa may be bringing a tiny wig this year.


Benjamin's love for Patches is blossoming.  He loves carrying him around and giving kisses.

Our gypsy life continued back to Tula and Pop's last week.  Amanda and Brian had already moved our of their house so we ALL were under the same roof.  It was a very special time with lots of togetherness.
Here are the three kids playing in Tula's garden.

Baseball time.

Tula got recruited.

Mommy blogs mostly contain happy, cute picture but in reality sometimes we have days where this is the face we see...
(Still the winner of the ugliest crier)  

Benjamin loves Audrey's new sweater with ears... Audrey not so much.

Thomas Twins.

House shoe twins.
(Thanks Aunt Amanda!)

Snack Time.

Park Time.

Last Wednesday we closed and got our new keys!
To say we were excited would have been a huge understatement. 

Friday we headed back to Fort Worth, dropped Ben off with Miss E, loaded up our cars, unloaded in new house, came back to the apartment, showered, and then...
enjoyed a kid-free Reata dinner. 

Saturday at 8 am the movers arrived...

My parents met us at our new house and helped us move for the remainder of the weekend.
Well, really they are still helping... my dad is currently at my house installing some lights, and my mom just left after helping with some organizing.  I am so, so, so blessed to have parents who are so selfless and supportive of me.  They are the most generous people I know and I am so thankful to have them.

It is starting to feel like home...

Sunday we got Ben from Miss E's house and so far he has loved his new life in Mckinney. 
 Isn't it amazing how resilient children are?

Playing in his new playroom... 

Running all around...

Doing some chores...

Once we get a little more settled I will post more house pics... I still have some nesting to do and we are getting most of the house painted so stay tuned! :)