Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Summer Kick Off - June

Summer kicked off with an event at our library called Touch a Truck.  The kids loved walking around and see all different types of transportation.

We went to the Perot as a family and had a blast.

Gorgeous rainbow over our house.

Lots of pool time.

I mean... motherhood is exhausting. Not sure why he is the one yawning since he gets to sleep whenever he wants.
Dentist visit.
Disney outfit prep.
The day before we were leaving for Disney I ended up at the doctor with 2/3 of my kids with double ear infections.  Good times. Good times.
Slime creations.
 We played Benjamin up in summer soccer so he would get one last time playing with Luke and being coached by Brian.  Benjamin loveddd being with them.

 Golf camp! 

 Benjamin ended up getting 3rd overall in his age group.  He learned a ton and had so much fun!

 Gymnastics Camp!

 Rebecca loved every second of it!
 Fun with friends.

 Watching Luke and Audrey at their swim meet.
 Brother love. :)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dance Recital 2017

 The girls had another successful dance recital.
Amanda took these precious pictures of them before their rehearsal.

 The are pictures I will treasure forever.

 Right before they went on.
 Their cheering section was so tiny.

 Sweet friends.