Sunday, March 5, 2017

Christmas Celebrations!

 Lots of Christmas celebrations! 
We started off with a cousin sleepover.  The night before the kids and I made gingerbread cookies for us to decorate with them.  The recipe and cookie cutter is from Miss E.  Pretty special to make these cookies with my kids knowing Will did the same thing with his mom.
 The kids had a blast!
(Note: I did this solo-Will was studying. I am either crazy or a genius.)

 The top with the Schmid family.
The bottom is the Gahan crew.
  We also did the cookies I did as a child.  Those we left for Santa.
Can you tell I love to bake?!
 Mckinney had their annual Christmas celebration.

 Throwing all the kids in the big snow globe sounded more fun than it ended up being. Ha.

 Wine Night Party!
 Tula and Pop's annual Cousin Christmas Party!

 Gift Of Christmas with Tula and Pop!

 Savannah had a few of these moments.
 I literally found 1,989 pictures of Benjamin's face on my phone.
 The kids loved it!
 Little nap break.
 Dance class had a party too.  Rebecca ended up looking like Mrs. Claus.

 Rebecca's School Program 

She was really into it until she got on the stage.
 Audrey and Rebecca were next to each other majority of the time.

 She did a lot of this once she got on the stage.  
At least she wasn't picking her nose like the little boy on the right.
 Class parties!
Rebecca's was up first...

 Then was Benjamin's...

 Bowling fun for Amanda's birthday.
Next up.... Christmas!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

NYC + West Point!

In October Will and I took a trip to NYC!
 We landed, checked into our hotel, and then went straight to Eatly for a yummy lunch on their rooftop restaurant.
 It was amazing.
 Our first night there we had some drinks in our hotel's bar and then met some friends for dinner.
 Will's 15 year West Point reunion was the next day so we were up early and headed straight there.
 How cute was my cadet?!
 Pano of the mess hall.

Back in the day...
Image may contain: one or more people
Now with wives.
So humbling being on their campus.  
Every American should experience it in their lifetime.

We snuck into their barracks and caught a plebe (freshman) checking himself out. I was quick to ask for a pic with him.
Near Trophy Point, looking up the Hudson River.

 Will with some of his buds outside Michie Stadium.
When we got back into the city we enjoyed some snacks and drinks at a rooftop bar. It was so much fun!
  The next day we were up early and had a yummy yummy breakfast at Lafayette.
Then walked all over.  At one point we ended up in Washington Square Park and spotted Alec Baldwin and his 30-year-old wife.
Black Tap in the meat packing district for a beer and milkshake stop.
Dinner at Rosemary's with my stud of a husband.

After dinner we stopped by Keens for one last NYC drink.
Benjamin appreciated my pic with a huge Lego.
Back with my babies!