Thursday, February 21, 2013

Halfway There!

I can't believe I am halfway done with this pregnancy! 
Actually more than halfway because I am 21 weeks typing this but who is really counting. :)
Pregnancy #2 has proved to be similar yet very different. I feel like entering this pregnancy knowing what is ahead has made it go faster.  With Ben, at 20 weeks I thought I was almost to the finish line - haha, oh no, 20 weeks prego still means you have lots of prego days ahead of you. I remember thinking I was huge at 20 weeks with Benjamin but this time around I know how big I really am going to get. I had horrible nausea with Benjamin during my first trimester and with Rebecca she caused a little more drama.  I will save you the details lets just say Will has witnessed more than I had hoped for. :) 
Nothing sweeter than feeling your baby move, nothing sweeter than having your husband take extra care for you, nothing sweeter than going once a month and listening to your child's heartbeat and watching them grow.
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and Rebecca seems to be quite feisty   The doctor had to hold her in place in order for her to be still enough to hear her heartbeat.  I just can't wait to meet her!
20 weeks with Rebecca.

 20 weeks with Benjamin.

I will end with some cute pictures of Benjamin from this week.

"Where did the cake go Mom?"

Looking precious while playing outside!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day Of Love

My cute little Valentine was ready for his school party!

He had fun giving/receiving Valentines from his school friends.  Here is a picture of the craft they did! I am sure he didn't have any help at all. :)

My big Valentine sent me these.  I felt super loved!
(Note: We got a new camera!! I have been wanting one for a while now and am so excited to document all my babies with a nice camera.  This was the first picture I took.)

Here are some other random pictures of what we have been up to these days.
Cuddles with my baby laying on a baby.

Waiting (and looking cool) for Luke and Audrey to come play at the mall. 

Feeding Mr. Potato head a snack.

Wondering why his friends (aka Luke and Audrey) had to go home.

Enjoying watching some cartoons with Daddy while making sure the fire hat stays on. 

We have been doing some updating on our kitchen.  Two weekends ago we had them stained a dark brown.  The fumes were super bad so we ended up staying at my parents for the whole weekend.  It is so wonderful to have such convenient getaways. Benjamin loves loves Tula's garden so we spent many hours playing outside.

Pop even busted out some of his famous pancakes one morning. Benjamin loved helping him cook them.

Pre-school sign up was last week and my precious, amazing, adorable husband got in line at 3:45 am! What a doll! I relieved him around 6:30.  All that effort and still wait listed. :/ Fortunately we are #1 on the list and Ben is enrolled at another fantastic school for this fall!

 Last weekend we went to the lake and had a blast.  This was the only picture I snapped of Benjamin insisting his Daddy drink at the same time as him. It felt kind of nice not to be taking pictures all weekend and just enjoying being outside with family.  Sometimes you just want to live and not always be documenting. :)

Sometime blogs can be deceiving. 
I have a two year old and some mornings look like this...
(He was wanting to eat in the living room and I wasn't giving in.)

...but most times I get this!
I am grateful. I am blessed. I can't believe I get to be this kids mom.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Year Check Up!

Benjamin had his 2 year check up this past Friday.  He wanted nothing to do with any nurse or doctor and was quickly given a sucker.

 His stats:
Weight - 28 pounds 2 ounces (50-75%)
Head - 19 3/4 inches (90-95%)
Length - 36 1/4 inches (85-95%)
Since last year he has bulked up, his head has gotten bigger, and it still tall. 

Shots are not fun and my mom is rude for taking this picture.

Now for the Army shirt pictures.  

We love our 2 year old!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boy Oh Boy...

We are having a GIRL!!!
We are over the moon excited. Amazed by God's blessing. Feel so honored to be (almost) parents to a daughter!! A daughter!! I have always dreamed of having a daughter and to have it become a reality is amazing.  I can't wait to have a tiny ballet dancer sporting a wedgy, grass stains on Easter dresses, braids and bows needing readjusting, chipped painted nails after minutes of application, volleyball practices, Oscar watching parties, and just being able to point to a precious child across a room and call her my daughter. 
Living. A. Dream. 

Benjamin insisted he come for the big reveal and sat (for the most part) very nicely next to me.  Sorry of the exposed skin I just wanted to document big brother seeing sister for the first time.

Here we are right after.  The ultrasound tech really hooked me up with pictures.

Tula started her wardrobe minutes after finding out "it" was a "she". :)

Speaking of Tula, Will and I have always talked about honoring our mothers if God were to ever bless us with a little girl.  So...


is one lucky little lady to be named after two wonderful women. 
Rebecca is my mom's name and Edens is Wills mom's middle name.
This is such a sweet time of life for us.  We are thankful, thankful to God for blessing us with so much!