Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's The Simple Things In Life

This week Benjamin and I traveled to Mckinney for a quick visit before my sister, parents and I are off to NYC (heck yeah!) next week.  My sister offered to play with Ben while I snuck in some quality aunt time with my favorite 2 year old.  Luke is at such a fun age filled with pirates, cowboys, dress up, and so much imagination. 
Kids cone + Luke = a little piece of heaven.  
It's the simple things in life.
Love those baby blues.

Don't tell your Mom I ordered you onion rings too. :)
 Luke was watching me play with Audrey yesterday and quickly ran up to me and said, 'Aunt Ali loves Luke."  Is it bad that I liked to see him a little jealous? It made me feel so loved. 
Don't worry kid... I love you to the moon and back... tiny tattoo and all!

I can't do a post without a picture of my precious Benjamin.
He turned 15 months this week and it getting so big! I will do another post after we go to the doctor but till then enjoy this little cutie...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Expectations

Great expectations is exactly what I had Saturday morning.  Ben was camera ready and the weather was perfect, overcast with little sun.  I have seen 100's of adorable bluebonnet pictures on facebook/other blogs and was determined to re-create my very own Texas tradition picture.  
Benjamin had other plans...
"Really Mom!?! A field of weeds? I am not too sure about this..."

"Hello? Dad, can I get some help?!"

"No, really people.  I'm not liking this one bit."
"Dad, that isn't funny! Your hat isn't going to make it better this time!"


Friday, April 13, 2012

Hodge Podge

This week we have been busy with errands, music class, play dates, and lots of fun sleepovers!
Don't look too excited Benjamin...

During a trip out to Target Ben spotted this red ball and insisted that I buy it for him.  I plopped him and his red ball in the cart and we were good to go.  It has turned out to be a great purchase and has provided us hours of entertainment. 

After Target we met Daddy for dinner at Fuzzy's - yummy!!
Ben discovered that a fork and an empty beer mug made for a wonderful musical instrument. 

Another fabulous purchase has been my 94 cent bubbles.  If this mama didn't get light headed after 10 minutes of bubbles Ben could chase them all day!

Riley and Auntie E spent Monday night with us.  Benjamin was happy to have another willing bubble blower. 

Ben loves his Riley.  He saw that Riley had taken a seat on the couch and crawled right up to him waiting to be pulled up.  I snapped this picture right as Ben was getting cozy.  Riley is a natural with Ben and is going to be the best Daddy someday!

It is so sad that Ben isn't loved at all. :)  Auntie E and Riley tried to pull a fast one on me and sneak my little love out with them.  We love us some Dodges!! 

While Will was out of town Wednesday, Uncle Rett joined in on the bubble fun and spent the night.

Bubbles are the way to this kids heart.

Benjamin and Mitchell were twins this week at our play date. 

Ben's friend Madi also came over while her Mommy and Daddy went on a date.  They loved playing with Hank...

and then had fun splashing in the tub.

All those errands, bubbles, sleepovers, and play dates are fun but make for one sleepy Ben.
Any good day ends with nigh nigh time with his best pal Patches!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend!

We had a blessed Easter weekend!
Saturday we met the gang at the Fort Worth Zoo. 

My family of three.

Tula and Pop with their grand-kids.

Once entering the zoo, Benjamin was quick to snag a seat on his love Pop.

Audrey looked stylish with her first sun bonnet. 

Luke was the most into the animals out of the three.  It was so precious to see the zoo through his eyes.

This was Benjamin's reaction when he saw...


Love this picture.

Aunt Amanda taking Benjamin to the next exhibit.

Cousin Love.

Aunt Amanda Love.

Daddy Love.

Mommy Love.

Audrey Love.
I put Benjamin in the stroller and he got very excited to see Audrey (and Audrey's leg) sitting next to him.  He isn't use to the whole double stroller thing. 

Audrey and Benjamin passed out at the same time and it looked like they were snuggling. Awww...  
Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby!

My mom and sister made fun of me for packing a fan but it proved to be very useful.  Audrey woke up very hot and Aunt Ali made sure she was well taken care of! 

We all loved seeing Grant and was glad he was home for the weekend.

Growing up, the grand finale of any trip to the zoo is the famous train ride.     

Benjamin loved every second.

Amanda and I were seated a few seats back from the rest of the family.  Audrey noticed me at the beginning of the ride and continued to check on me throughout the 40 minutes on the train.  It was so sweet how she would peer around everyone until she made eye contact with me.

For dinner we went to Tim Love's new restaurant Woodshed. 

Benjamin is very into 'drinking' from big cups.  Uncle Rett was the perfect person for him to be sitting next to  because he entertained him the majority of the meal. 

I love this picture of Will surrounded by babies. 

There was a live band playing and after dinner we enjoyed a few songs before heading home.  Benjamin started and ended the day on Pop.  Two minutes after I took this picture I grabbed Benjamin off my Dad's shoulders and he burst into tears.  That boy loves his Pop! 

Sunday we woke up and had a 30 second Easter egg hunt.   

Ben was more interested in throwing the eggs than putting them in his basket.

He isn't the biggest fan of grass either... I guess he should start walking then! :)

Benjamin sneaked in some reading before church.  

After church we went out to eat for lunch and Benjamin got his cheese on.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and feel so blessed to have this little ham in our lives!