Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Years! + 7 Months!

Well, my baby turned 5.
Benjamin is smart, sensitive, a great friend, loves to run, and give lots of kisses.
Benjamin has really blossomed this year.  His speech (finally) has taken off and his willingness to try new things has increased. Benjamin loves anything outdoors, playing with his cousins, all sweets, and Legos.  He loves to bug his little sister, 'teach' baby Isaac new things, and wrestle with Hank.
We went to the doctor last week and Benjamin weighed 44 pounds(74%), is 45 1/2 inches tall (91%). I was super shocked his weight percentage was so high because he is so lean.  He is still allergic to peanuts but his eczema seems to be going away and we are so thankful for that.
Benjamin is such a love and I am so thankful to be his mama.
 My baby you will always be.

We did a ton of celebrating.
He loves getting mail.
Birthday Cousin Sleepover.

Rodeo Fun

Party time!
Love it. ha

He told me this was his favorite cake ever.

This little love turned 7 months.

Easiest baby to get to smile.  He is basically do the exact same thing as last month but now is a solid sitter, starting to get into the crawling position, and is up to 3 meals of solids a day.

January Photo Flush
New Years party with some friends.

Dance has started for these little darlings.
We love Tula.
They LOVEEEE dance.

Yes, he is crying. Yes, I am inside taking this picture.
He was crying because I gave him the ball he wanted.  Hard life. :)
Rebecca is loving to do some "big girl" things... 
Like rollers,

solo outings with mommy,
and lots of fingernail polish.
Fun night with friends.
I literally cried looking at Will in this picture.  Amazing.

Sweet moment with Daddy.
Finally starting to ride his bike!!!

"Hiding" from me on a walk.

Them thighs though.
Playtime with Griff.
Celebrating Rett's birthday.
Love a baby in a bath.
Date night with my main squeeze.
PJ day at school.