Saturday, September 17, 2016

Final Days of Summer!

We sure are ready for fall! Bring on the changing of the leaves, soups, and pumpkins!
Photo flush of our last days of summer.
We love Uncle Rett!

Lots of library time to get out of the heat.

Life is better at the lake.

Pool party!
Date night out with some of my favs.
Failed facetime when I was gone for one night. ha

Dance camp.
Cousin Sleepover!

This one LOVES to cook and is always in the kitchen with me.
Lots of time spent in the sprinklers.

Legoland fun.
Best buds.
Isaac had a blast at Playstreet.
He cries hard and laughs hard.
Ice cream truck purchase.
Relaxing walk in 103 degree heat.
We love our Sunday mornings!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Gibson Twins!

 Crew and Rhys Gibson have made their debut!
We are all over the moon about them!
 Earlier this year Rett and Ashley had their gender reveal party at my parents house.  They had the cutest game prepped for us to find out what the twins were.  We each had eggs and in them was either blue, pink, or grey m&ms.  We started youngest to oldest.  Luke was the first to open his and see BLUE! Here is the pic of Dad after we found out baby #1 was a boy.
 My mom had the final gender reveal egg.  
I adore this picture of them finding out both were boys!
 Crew and Rhys were on their way!
 The actual delivery day was a long one! (Especially for Ashley.)  Lets just say I was at the hospital close to 20 hours and a "happy hour" was included.
 Around 1:00 everyone attempt to get a snooze in.
 Ashley was a rock star and they were finally born early in the morning.
 They were perfection.

 They had lots of hospital visitors. 

  And lots of visitors to their house.
Brothers feeding brothers.
 We are so so excited to have two more cousins join the family!

 Isaac doesn't know it yet but they are his future besties.
 Rett and Ashley have already done an amazing job caring for their little bundles.  It has been so fun having twins in the family. 
I love them so much and can't wait to watch them grow!