Monday, November 28, 2011

Loving Life at the Lake: Thanksgiving Style

Benjamin's first Thanksgiving was a huge success!
It was filled with great food, sweet family, and lots of lake fun.
My parents did an amazing job making sure everyone was well fed and taken care of.
My Dad made a huge fire for us to lite the first night. Since it gets dark so early it was super nice to have a fun place to sit, watch stuff burn, and talk.
Benjamin really enjoyed watching the flames.
Cousin Love.
Pop Love.
... and another kind of love. :)
Their adoptive daughter Audrey. Turkey Day came and Luke couldn't wait to dress up to celebrate.
I. Mean. Seriously?!
Benjamin made sure he was super cozy for outside morning coffee time.
Good thing his Daddy was there to keep him warm.
(Note: Tiny Hank in the background.)
Audrey had a matching outfit in pink.
Turkey Day was filled with lots of bocce ball...
Rocky rides...
Drinks on the deck...
and exploring.
It is amazing how children know exactly what NOT to touch!
Uncle Brian did a great job documenting Benjamin's discovery.
Love me some Luke time.
Food is always a way to lure him in. :)
It wouldn't be a lake trip without my Dad finding a 'project.'
Luke and Benjamin enjoyed watching Pop cut down the tree.
I think it's safe to say Benjamin had a blast!
I love that our children will grow up going to Tula and Pop's Lake House.
Not only is it another place they will call home, it is a place they will learn to love the simple things in life.
They will learn to find joy in the unexpected.
Something like... sitting in a wheel barrel with your best buddy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Our little pumpkin is 10 Months old!
10 Month Facts
Table food. Playing with Hank. Listening to Tula/Aunt Amanda/Luke on the telephone. Feeding other people his food (including Hank). Singing along when Mommy sings. Music. Playing with other people's eyelashes.
Saying Dada. Seeing Dada. Playing with Dada. (We are on a huge Daddy kick these days!)
Not A Fan Of:
Sitting still to get his diaper changed. Church nursery. Being bored. Not being able to see Mommy.
The newest development these days is the desire to move! He has started army crawling all over the place. Benjamin is a little behind in the motor skills area. I have not been at all worried about his development or lack of intellect, it just has been a HUGE frustration for me because his need to be entertained 24/7 is high. Let's just say I have become his personal court jester. :) I am currently in the process of letting him fuss/whine/cry in order for him to learn to entertain himself. I am convinced once this kid starts to really move he will love it!
Precious, yes. Loved, yes. But my sweet little Benjamin can be quite the handful if left to play alone.
(Note: My mother tells me on a daily basis that my face was wet for the first year of my life. Once I could walk and talk I was the happiest child. Benjamin isn't as difficult as I was BUT I think I might be experiencing a little karma!)
Love everything about you my little man.
I wouldn't trade you for anything. I love you to the moon and back.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lots Of Love

This child is SO loved.
I mean who wouldn't love this face? :)
This past week was a very special week because we were able to spend LOTS of time with family.

Last Wednesday we headed to Mckinney because our sweet Memaw was coming to town. Before our guest of honor arrived Benjamin and Luke watched some Sesame Street...

Had a snack... (Note: Benjamin's newest trick is being able to use a snack trap. Luke likes to steal Benjamin's snack when he isn't looking. It is cute now but I have a feeling Benjamin is going to catch him sometime soon.)

Did a little wrestling...

And squeezed in a some lunch. Benjamin got some lovin from his favorite Aunt Amanda. (I love this picture. The placement of the light is so funny to me.) It is always a treat to see Auntie E!

Audrey finally got to meet the one and only amazing Memaw.
Benjamin loves Molly.
She is so fun and such a joy to be around.
After a great trip to Mckinney we headed to get some Schmid family time in at the ranch. Granny G and PA were so excited to spend time with their first great-grandson.
It was really neat to see Will's grandpa interact with him.
Benjamin was a little overwhelmed. :)
Benajmin had a wonderful time playing with Granny G's Christmas singing penguin for a whole hour. He couldn't get enough of the carols.
I think I passed on my love of Christmas to Benjamin!
Benjamin loves his Granny G!
Our Saturday's involve LOTS of football. Will has an unhealthy love of the sport and it determined to groom a watching buddy.
This picture must have been taken after a touchdown!
There is so much JOY in my house.
I am one blessed, blessed mama.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Slumber Partay with Uncle Rett

Last Wednesday Uncle Rett come over to spend some time with his cute little god son. Benjamin was so excited the second he saw Rett's face. I can't wait to watch their relationship grow overtime.
I will be one blessed Mama if Benjamin turns out to be just like his Uncle Rett! Benjamin LOVED watching Rett and Hank run around the yard. I wheeled his highchair outside where he could get a better look... he was in heaven! Loving every second.
Come back and see us Uncle Rett!
Benjamin can't stop talking about you!
In other news, a few weeks ago my dear friend Elizabeth and Lily were in town. We got together at my sister's house for a fun play date.
I think Luke has a new crush... :)
I had to document what Benjamin's time looks like with his Daddy these days.
Today was a monumental day.
(note: He is looking at me like I'm crazy because we were in the Walmart parking lot and people were looking.)
I'll end with one last cute picture of my little man chowing down.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our little Tiger really enjoyed his first Halloween!
He 'helped' Daddy pass out candy.
Enjoyed a little chocolate of his own.
Posed for a picture with his Mama Tiger.
Love me some baby Tiger! :)
Here are the Gibson cousin costume pictures taken at Tula and Pop's house. Precious.
Best Buds
This little Tiger had a great first Halloween!