Saturday, August 19, 2017

Daddy Daughter Dance

 Rebecca and Will went to their 2nd Daddy Daughter dance in February.  To say she was excited would be an understatement!
 Rebecca is very girly and had specific hair, make-up, and outfit opinions.
 This pose she insisted on doing.  Her face cracks me up...
 She then did this pose and with her head bent told me to take it.
 She is one blessed little girl to have this man as her Daddy. 
 The dance was a Wizard of Oz theme.  
She wanted to take her entire flower bouquet in but we compromised with one.
Getting her dance on with a few of her friends.

 The dance was a huge success and she is already looking forward to next years!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

February Fun

Lots of fun in February...
 Rebecca would cuddle with Isaac every second of the day if he would allow it.
 She loves having 2 brothers!
 Benjamin's birthday gift from us was to go with Will to a motocross race.  He had a blast!

Hands full :) .... I think I will sneak a quick nap in.
 Delivering cookies to Mckinney police office.
 Valentine's Day fun at school!!

 These tiny baby hunks are everything.
 Hiding from my family eating all the chocolate strawberries.
 Family picture from Molly's wedding.
 Picture day.

 I love our school!

 80's Dance at school!

 Walter Boone Schmid was born!

Fort Worth Children's museum was amazing.

 She drew that dinosaur behind her.

 Celebrity siting in the elevator.

 Random events...
birthday party.
 Pictures on my phone from when Benjamin chases Rebecca.
 Backyard studying.
 Muffins with Moms.

 Cousin sleepover.
 Extra hour in PE!
 Getting big.
 Desserts with Dads.

 Same class, same age.
 Escape game at school.
 Growing into that ARMY shirt.
Watchdog Dads at school.
Benjamin daily comes home with pictures from girls.  I have had many moms tell me that Benjamin is so sweet to their daughters.  He is clueless they have crushes on him and I love it.
100 Days at School ... this one decided he wanted 100 feathers on his shirt.
Babysitting Rhys.
Date night!

Birthday party
18 months and 6 year doc appointment.
My boys.
I told him I was bringing him a special lunch one day and he had already bought. Stinker has double lunch that day.
Love this picture.... I like to think that ray of sunshine is my Pepaw watching over us.