Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today at 5:34 Benjamin giggled!!
I have never heard anything more precious, more pure.
I can't wait to hear a million more giggles come out of this adorable child.
How can you experience motherhood and not believe in God?
Thank you Jesus for my sweet Benjamin.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Months!!

I know Benjamin, I can't believe it either!
You are 3 months old!!
My little thinker, you are such joy!
During the day time you are still eating every three hours and if I'm lucky you will take three 45 minute naps. You never have been a good day sleeper even though I put you in your bed twice a day in an attempt to get you to sleep. You would rather stare at the fan! You are a super star night sleeper. You sleep from 8:00-7:00 without any feedings! You love your blue pacifier, a warm bath, standing on your feet and anything with lights.
You are still super long and lean! You are a sweet child but still have your off days. You love to cry anytime we are at a play date or get in your car seat. Mommy sometimes just can't figure out why you are crying. I can't wait for the day you decide to be happy everyday! Till then little one, I am at your mercy. :) This weekend was Benjamin's first Easter. My family of three ventured to Mckinney Saturday to spend the weekend at Tula and Pop's. We enjoyed spending time outside watching Luke 'fish' in the pool and ate a yummy lunch cooked by Chef Tula. That evening, while the men played Top Golf, the women and babies went shopping and out to eat. The highlight of the night was watching Luke play in a fountain playground with tons of other little kids. He was so precious running around - it is amazing how children are entertained by the simplest things!
Benjamin can't wait to get out there and play with cousin Luke.
Ben loved being entertained by Luke at dinner. It is so sweet to see these two together. Luke is constantly saying 'hey Ben' and kissing his head. I predict these two are going to be good buddies someday!
This morning we went to church as a family. How blessed am I to have these two cuties in my life.
Benjamin enjoyed a quick nap before church on Uncle Grant.
Ben was exhausted after all the Easter fun.
He was excited to go home, relax with a good book with Daddy, enjoy a bottle and go nigh nigh.
What a fun week we had!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Little Thinker

Benjamin has turned out to be quite the little thinker. For being almost three months old his focus is incredible. He definitely doesn't get this from me! Ben isn't a napper during the daytime... he would rather be thinking.
I have had a hard time keeping Ben entertained. I literally could do jump-and-jacks in front of his face ALL day long and he would be a happy little man. In an effort to gain some independence, I might have Tivoed a Sesame Street just to see what Ben would do. He LOVES LOVES the segment "Abby's Flying Fairy School." Very manly. I know when it's over because he starts to cry. I was able to cook dinner last night thanks to Abby. Promise. Abby won't become a habit in the Schmid house till he is a little bit older. :)
Benjamin also is a fan of his mobile in his crib. Today he stared at it for a whole hour! I snuck into his room to snap this photo. He has an arm free because I am starting the weening process with the swaddle. Finally, Ben's greatest source of thinking time... the fan. It is is best friend, his true love. He could stare at the fan forever. I wonder what he thinks about all day?? This past weekend Miss E watched Benjamin while Will and I went on a much needed date. Thanks Miss E for the super cute spring outfit! On Monday, Ben and I went and cheered Luke on at swim school. He was the star student! He kept turning around to where I was sitting - point, smile, and tell Amanda "Ali watch." Love him.
Benjamin was super into it. :) One of the millions of shots to come of our boys. Such a rough life loving on these two everyday. We are blessed.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hodge Podge

What has this sweet face been up to this week?
I LOVE the weekend for many reasons. Number one on my list ...
Will is an amazing father and is such a huge help with Benjamin. This past Sunday, except for eating time, Will was in charge of our little man. He made sure Benjamin looked extra sharp for church. It was the first time we put Ben in the nursery and it went great! I was a little nervous and only checked on him once the entire hour we were apart.
Yes. I have separation issues with my little love. I am working on it.
Daddy was in charge of nap time.
Hmmm... not to sure about this position.
I went to take a shower and came back to this picture. No words.
Benjamin watching Fox News with his Daddy. Will is starting him young.
Ben and I went to Mckinney for a night and enjoyed some Tula and Pop time.
I was gone for two minutes and left Ben in Pop's care.
I came back to this picture.
Once again, I gotta keep my eye on this one.
Nothing is better than shopping with Tula.
We love Tula!
Ben and I enjoyed spending time with fun visitors throughout the week. He is turning out to be quite the ladies man. Girlfriend #1 Sweet Abigail. She came over for a playdate and Ben had so much fun!
Girlfriend #2 Kristen.
We met my dear friend for lunch and Ben did awesome. He didn't cry once!!
Girlfriend #3 Megan.
Ben loved getting some Kever love.
Ben has gotton super smiley and cooing tons. Love my precious babe.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loving The Lake

My parents own a "little piece of heaven" on Lake Bob Sandlin and this past weekend Ben experienced it for the first time. We had so much fun and feel SO blessed Ben will get to grow up going to Tula and Pop's Country Place. We relaxed on the pier, ate a ton of yummy food, built an awesome playground for the kids in the woods, and got some great sleep in the cozy cabin.
My cute little family watching the sun set.
Tula and Pop with their grandkids in front of the cabin.
Ben had so much fun hanging out.
Luke and Brain heading up to the cabin to get a snack. Such a cute picture of these two. Luke sure does love his Daddy!
Rett and Luke watching Pop on the Jet Ski.
Ben loves sleeping on his Tula.
So sweet.
Pop showing Ben around the property.
My Dad sometimes forgets how little Benjamin is... gotta keep my eye on this one. :)
Love. Love. Love.
We had some of this...
and this.
But mainly my precious babe was an angel.
take 1.
take 2.
take 3.
take 4.
take 5.
Yes. I am a little obsessed.
On a side note: I AM HAVING A NIECE!
My sister found out yesterday and we are all over the moon. Amanda is a rock star mom and I can't wait to see her be a mommy to a sweet little girl.
We are blessed.