Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkinville 2013

A few weeks ago we went to a local pumpkin patch called "Pumpkinville." The weather was beautiful, the kids were in great moods, and the patch was free. :) 
My family of four.

My little pumpkin.

Tula and Pop joined in on the fun.
Cousin fun.

Love Benjamin in this picture. He is not too sure what to think - good thing he had Pop to protect him.

The 'big' kids loved playing with this big pumpkin pie.
 Brian and Amanda had a successful/creative photo shoot with Savannah and we thought we would copy...
 Rebecca wasn't having it! ha!
She calmed down a bit for me to snap one.
Daddy to the rescue! 
 Luke participated in the cake walk.  Aunt Amanda did a great job making sure Benjamin and Audrey thought they were in on the action.
 Benjamin is SO blessed to have so many fun uncles and boy does he loveeee his uncles!
Here he is with one of his favorites. 
Me and my Bizzy girl.
We are loving the fall!

Monday, October 28, 2013

4 Months!

Our little piece of heaven is 4 months old today!!
Time sure is flying with our girl.
Rebecca is a precious, precious baby but far from 'chill.'  Her awake time consists of eating, having two second tummy time that results her in her rolling over, being held by mommy (her favorite), sucking on Sophie, or 'complaining' about some unknown reason.  She is super easy to get to smile and also super quick to start fussing.  Rebecca's personality seems pretty similar to mine as a child - either laughing hysterically or crying and seems pretty social. :)  She recently started reaching for toys on her bouncer, and play mat. She also has really started to notice Benjamin and will follow him around with her eyes.   
LOVES: her hands, fans, taking her paci out, eating, watching her brother play, bath time, trying to hold her bottle, being outside, taking naps on Mommy and Daddy's bed.
NOT A FAN OF: being burped, changing clothes, not being held by Mommy.
Rebecca wears 3/6 months clothes, and size 2 diapers.  She goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 7.  We are on night 3 of her going that whole time and not eating! YEAH!  She still wakes up around 5 and needs some attention in order to get her back down. (If Will is about to leave for work I throw her in bed with us.) I am hopeful that pretty soon she will be a 7-7 baby! Rebecca eats every 2-3 hours during the day (7, 9, 12, 3, 6ish) and takes 4 naps (9:00, 11:00, 1:00, 5ish) that are literally 41 minutes.  I have timed them and its incredible how to the minute she will wake up! The 1:00 nap is the longest nap but she still wakes after 41 mins and will fuss until she falls asleep.  She is no longer swaddled and enjoys her pacifier from time to time. She still takes medicine (Prevacid, and Zantac) for her acid reflux twice a day.
Rebecca is way more of a mama's girl than Benjamin was at this age.

"Princess naps" - sleeping in Mommy's bed.
This particular nap she would open her eyes every time I let go of her hand. So sweet.

 Bumbo and Sophie fun.

Rebecca loves wearing bows for any occasion. 


Holding her bottle with a tiny bit of help.

We are loving our life as a family of 4! I can't wait to see what new things Rebecca learns to do this month!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Happenings 2

Another post about random happenings in the Schmid house.
The past couple of months have been the busiest the Gibson side of the family has had ever! Riley got married and had some fun parties along with his wedding weekend, we went to San Antonio, Grant graduated college, Rett and Ashley got married and had lots of fun parties to celebrate them, my mom and I threw Stephanie a shower... oh yeah, and I had a baby! ha.  Needless to say Will and I were due for a date night! I was super excited to spend some alone time with my guy! Tula and Pop watched the kids while we had a fun evening at Top Golf.
 The electricity went out so we enjoyed a night of free golfing.  They even bought a round of beers for us since we stayed and had dinner.

 Sticking with the golf theme Benjamin finally got to hop the fence and golf with Pop.  He. was. in. heaven. I could hear him giggling as they drove off.  He gets a little confused now and calls for Pop a few times a day in the backyard as golfers pass. Last night he wouldn't stop calling for Pop so we had to Facetime him just to prove he wasn't golfing and was at home. :) 
 We are still not potty trained in this house. (sigh) Benjamin has started showing some interest but still isn't there yet.  Anytime #2 calls he runs somewhere and hides.  Yesterday Will and I found him hiding, I took my phone and shoved it in his hiding spot, I pulled the picture up only to find our little dude smiling away.  Will and I laughed so hard! So much for being ashamed of #2ing in public. 
 Last week was open house at Benjamin's school.  This was the only picture we snapped the whole night.  Amanda managed to have a 3 week old and take enough pictures to do a blog post about the night.  This all I got.. Me and my blurred faced kids. Mom. Fail. 
Sweet Savannah Kate. 
 Benjamin LOVES Hank and has started acting like a dog.  He loves to crawl around the house, throw Hank's dog food all over our laundry room, has Hanks toys in his mouth, and randomly will lick you.  It is very cute he is so into Hank but has presented me with many parenting moments. :)
 Benjamin and I's creation featuring our house, the lake, airport, and golf course.  He has killed many hours on this thing.
 Rebecca at the park enjoying her teething necklace.
Thanks Miss E!
The boys enjoyed another fun TCU game.  Benjamin was SO excited Uncle Brian and Luke could join.

 One day while Benjamin was at school Rebecca and I went shopping with Tula. 
We had so much fun shopping and lunching with our favorite lady. 

After shopping we played at the park with all the kids.
So sad she isn't loved.
 Benjamin crashed the second we got home.
 Trying to be fun (and kill time) I took the kids on a walk once they were up from their naps.
 Benjamin wanted to help feed his sister who got a little hungry along the way...
 She wasn't eating fast enough and it resulted in me snapping this beauty.
Mall fun with Mary and Luke.

Luke sure is precious!
We are LOVING LOVING living so close to cousins.  It is such a blessing to have our kids grow up together and become each others best friends.  God has shown us so much favor and for that we are humbled and grateful.
The kids enjoy ...
Talking long walks and talking about life.

Facetiming Uncle Grant in Denver.
(Come home soon!)
 Lunching at the mall.
 Playing after school.
 and learning about God at church.
(These two particularly loved the sermon.)