Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break in Austin

 A couple of weeks ago we traveled to Austin to visit Memaw and the Dodges.  Benjamin was SO excited that Tula and Pop had rented a huge van so we could all travel together.
 Here we are packed in.  The kids did great!
 The weather was wonderful when we arrived and all enjoyed some playtime in Memaw's gorgeous backyard.
(Cute of Benjamin)
 (Cute of Audrey)
 Auntie E teaching them how to throw a spiral.
 The next day we went the children's museum and had a blast!
Here is Memaw with a few of her grand kids and all of her great grand kids.  What a legacy!
 "Hey, that's my cousin!"
It's always a great time with Auntie E near by. 
(Note: This is the only picture I got of Tula. ha) 
 Best buds.

Aunt Amanda tucking the kids in.
The trip was a blast! We had great food, and lots of laughs. I love love seeing the Dodges and my Memaw.  I didn't get any pictures of them but Riley, Molly, Alexis, and Uncle Todd were apart of this visit too.  They are all such blessings to me and now my kids lives!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Happenings

 We have been so busy these days!  Here are a few/lots of pictures of some daily happenings...
Kid selfie.
 Outfit of the day.
 Luke's first soccer game.
 Me with the soccer star. 
Luke is the most precious child - he is quick to say "I love you," gives lots of hugs with his eyes closed, and shares so well with all his younger siblings/cousins. He is the perfect first born for the Gibson grandchildren and I just love him so much!
 Pop's birthday was last weekend and we enjoyed Uncle G being home.

 Chalk fun!
Benjamin is very into kisses these days. :)

 Just your average Saturday night fun.
 The sweetest window view.
 First Chick Fil A experience.
 Finally starting to roll!
 Would never know this little angel has a double ear infection and pink eye.
 Doesn't every little boy want to sleep with a decorative clock!?
 New floor!
 Benjamin loves taking care of "bebecca"
 Desserts with Dads!
 He thought he was so cool at Market Street.
 The day the ice came our downstairs heater broke so we lived upstairs for a day. Lot of pj wearing and picnic eating went down.
 One was super into this. The other was not.
Well that sums up what my little family has been up to lately! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

8 Months + Picture Flush

8 months of loving life with my girl!
8 Month Facts - Wears size 12 clothes and size 3 diapers - Hold her own bottle - Has started dancing when music is playing - Knows her name - Has started getting some (super soft) table food - Puts everything in her mouth - Gets excited to go to bed at night when we put her in her crib - Very good at holding things no matter how small they are

Picture Flush

 All. Boy. Sleeps with anything with wheels.
 Fishing at our neighborhood park.

 Daddy kind of play.
 Dog pile on Uncle Rett.
 Little Beauty.

 Eating lunch in a box.

 Watching Sesame Street for the first time.
 Someone was very into this. The other was not.
 You expect me to eat this?