Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2 Month Stats!

I forgot to post this guys 2 month stats on my last post.
Isaac is 13 pounds 4 ozs (75%), 24 1/2 inches long (98%), and his head is 16 inches (90-95%).
He is the exact same length Benjamin was at this age but has 1 1/2 pounds on him and a smaller head.
Rebecca was 10 pounds at this point but still super sick with colic so who knows how big she would of been had she felt better.
So basically Will and I make super long kids with large heads. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2 Months!

Well another month has come and gone with this little love.
Isaac is patient, sweet, and smiles easily.  He eats everyday about 7 times.  We feed him around 7 at night, dream feed at 10 (not sure if it does anything but why not?!), and then he is up around 3:30.  So 10-3:30ish is my time of golden sleep.  He has been really bad about going back to sleep after his night feed and often ends up downstairs with us. He typically goes back to a deep sleep around 6 just in time for his brother/sister to wake up. :) I think this next month he will get lots better at this.  Isaac naps in his bed when we are home and often has to cry for a little bit before finally giving in.  I have done our stairs about a million times popping that paci back in. :)
He is just SO SO precious and looking at him makes me cry. 

This month VBS happened.
Rebecca didn't go but she insisted on taking her new Peppa Pig lunchbox.
The last day they had a concert to show the parents the songs.
My girl loves to dance.
I was crying from laughing so hard at her. 

Luke was out of town for a week so we got to keep Hero his fish.  Rebecca took great care of him and reminded me daily to feed him.

My whole heart on one tiny mat.
Blessed with such a hands on Daddy.
Princess in a tunnel.
Love a good comparison.
Date night with Megan who is expecting a baby girl this Valentine's Day! So excited for her and so excited she was the one ordering the mocktail and not me. :)
Ready for church.
Library time with Luke.

Movie date with my love.  Thank you Tula for watching the other 2!
Beach club!
Happy birthday Daddy!
She thinks she is his mom.
Raising 3 kids is always this easy.
The smiles started and they haven't stopped.


She literally reads in her bed for a full hour before going to bed.
I often find her like this after she calls asleep and have to move all 20 books to the corner of her crib.
Sweet boy.  I will love you forever.
Tula's Ice Cream Party
Best $20 Groupon I have ever spent.

She insists on pony tails when her pjs go on.

We have kept 3 kids alive for 2 months! Let's celebrate!!
Thank you Tula and Pop!
Party fun!

Singing worship songs at church with Luke.  Having this sweet boy put his arm around me while praising God brings tears to my eyes. 
Obsessed with stickers.
Teething is the worst.
Benjamin snapped this of me and Isaac.  It's super blurry but super sweet.
Someone had fun making her Daddy's birthday cake.  How do you get batter on your arms?!
Having 3 kids makes blogging super challenging.  Yeah me for doing a massive catch up post!