Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Happy Birthday to my precious Benjamin!!!
 My heart bursts with love for this child.  To be his mama is a joy I pray all women get to experience.
 4 years ago today ...
 We became a family.
 Minutes old.



His life is flying by and he seems to look older everyday.
 Benjamin is such a special child.  He is kind, a great friend, thoughtful, soft spoken, loves to wrestle, super intelligent, affectionate, creative, and oh so loved.  His current favorite things are robots, super heroes, running for long periods of time, playing with Luke and Audrey, having Hank sleep in his room, tackling is little sister, holding his new baby (holding my belly), chips, watermelon, playgrounds, cooking with mommy, and school. 
Benjamin at 4
Favorite color: black or green
Favorite food: cake
 Favorite book: Planes (Dusty)
Favorite game: acting like dinosaurs
Favorite toy: Legos
Favorite movie: Frozen
Favorite weather: snow
Favorite thing to do with Daddy: go in the snow
Favorite thing to do with Mommy: snuggle
Favorite thing to do with Rebecca: play with Anna's toys (Anna is Benjamin's nickname for Aunt Amanda)
What he wants to be when he grows up: A big boy and eat cake.
Thoughts on having a new baby soon: It's a girl.
Favorite place to go: lake, Anna's toys
Best friend: Daddy, Miss E, Luke, and Audrey

We go to the doctor next week so I will post stats later.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last of the December Pics

After I post this every 2014 picture has been blogged which means I can order my 2014 blog book!
 Will and I got to see our "grande finale" baby on the big screen.  It was so special.  The doctor knew what the gender was!
 Go Army!
Thank you Tula for always having us stocked with Army gear!

 She is a JOY! (and I look tired) :)
 Fun night in Austin visiting family!
 Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Todd took us out for a great night out on the town.
 Love them.
 Molly is engaged!!!!!!!
We love our Molly.  She is a real gem and I have known forever she only deserves the best.  My expectations were high and after meeting Weston they couldn't be more perfect for each other.  I can't wait to watch these two do great things in this world!
 While in Austin I got to squeeze Harry for the first time.  What a precious baby.

 We also headed up to Westlake to check out Uncle Todd's office.  It was so cool to go back and see the hallways I ran around in as a child, and the hallways my parents fell in love in.  Pepaw was all over that place.  So special.
I stumbled upon this awesome picture.  Love it.
 Rebecca loves, loves jewelry.
 And snow hats.
 Benjamin loves to "hold the baby."  He always asks me "what is the baby doing right now" or "is your belly going to pop soon?" 
 Nap time with my favorite 3 year old.
It lasted 11 minutes.
Yeah to being caught up!!! See ya 2014, hello 2015!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Celebrations - The FINAL Post

 It is the middle of January and I am STILL trying to wrap up my Christmas 2014 posts.
Christmas Eve we headed over to Fort Worth bright and early dressed in our very bests.
I had a mini photo shoot with the kids and it was super successful. Sigh.

Rebecca's face is how I feel about still posting Christmas pictures.

  The kids were spoiled by Boots and Miss E with wonderful gifts.

Love her.
Rebecca making herself right at home.
After opening presents we headed to the club for a yummy lunch.
Rebecca used her best manners.
The kids passed out before we were even on the highway. Now I call that a success!
Christmas #1 down.
We headed straight to church from Fort Worth for their children's service.  Rebecca ran around like a crazy lady before it started.
  After church we headed home and got ready for Santa!
Will read the kids "The Night Before Christmas" and it was also super successful.
After one page in we decided we didn't care it was only 6:15 and put Rebecca to bed. :)
Benjamin loved dumping his reindeer food in our backyard. 
He said Santa needed 5 cookies and the reindeer 3 carrots.  Very particular.  We had already eaten all of our homemade cookies so I whipped up some slice and bake the day before.
Will gave the book another go to a quieter audience. :)
Every year I hear Will read this book to our kids I can hear my own sweet Daddy's voice taking me back to being a kid.  I still just love that book!
Santa came!!!
This was the first year Benjamin was REALLY into the Christmas magic.  I just LOVE watching him get into everything.
His new dinosaurs were his favorite.
I think Rebecca liked Benjamin's side better than hers.

After presents we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate a yummy breakfast.  I love these next two pictures...
Benjamin's face, Rebecca's arm.
Rebecca is over it.  ha. 
  After breakfast and a few hours of playing with all that Santa brought we headed over to my parents house for Christmas #3.

 All the grand kids.
Oh Rebecca...

 The kids had a blast riding their bikes around the circle.
The little girls toddled around close by.
Best buds. Notice the men in the back watching all the turkeys on the street being fried.  Yummy!
After a delicious Tula cooked meal and naps we sang carols.
Rett was so excited Rebecca was walking his way...
Two seconds after I took this she passed him.  haha.
Another Rebecca crying picture.  I found a lot of these going back through my pictures.  
Oh just eat your cookie kid and enjoy the holiday season.
Tula and Pop gave the kids awesome gifts.  They loved everything they opened.

Audrey got a make-up kit and made sure all the ladies in the room were looking their best.
"Let it go!"
 A few days later the Dodges and Memaw came into town and we were able to celebrate with them.  Christmas #4 was in full force!
The kids love their Uncle Todd!
 Memaw and Auntie E gave super thoughtful gifts that fit each kid perfectly.
 Here friend, let me help you.
 The next night we all got sitters and went out to eat on the square at Rick's.  It was so fun and super tasty! I wished the Dodges and Memaw lived closer so we could see them all the time.  I feel so blessed to have such a fun family that I just love love being around.
 Well that concludes Christmas 2014. (hopefully!!!)
Merry Christmas from my family of 4 to yours!