Sunday, July 31, 2016

Isaac is 1!

 My little caboose turned 1 this past month and I just can't believe it!
Isaac has been the perfect (last) addition to our family.  When Will and I named him we knew his name meant, "child of laughter" and boy has he lived up to that! 
Here are his 1 year portraits I took in our backyard last week. 

 He is the EASIEST kid to take a picture of. 
 We did a double party celebration a few months ago in Fort Worth.  He was baptized and had his party all in one day.
 Always the center of craziness.
 In true Isaac style he went from this...
 to this is .2 seconds.
 After brunch we headed to the church that Will grew up going to and the church the rest of the kids were baptized at.
Will and I are so blessed to have this child to take care of.
 Full hands, full heart.
Poor buddy just wanted his Daddy.
 Isaac cracks me up in this picture.  He was over it.

 It was a great day celebrating Isaac Gibson Schmid.
 Isaac's doctors appointment went great!  He is still huge. Ha.
24 pounds 11 oz (92%), 31 1/2 inches (97%), and his head is 19 inches (96%).
Isaac sleeps 7-6:30ish and still is taking 2 naps a day.  He is on the same feeding schedule as his siblings which I am loving!  Isaac loves balls, remotes/cell phones, dogs, cars, cups, swinging, walks, and bear crawling. 
 I love this picture of Isaac.  I have many of photo of his beaming while the other people aren't.  He sees a camera and the cheese is on.
 He loves the water and is pretty fearless with most things.  I swear if he focused long enough he could walk today.  The kid is so strong and we often see him chilling in a squat position.
 I love that Isaac was born into craziness.  He loves anything involving people and is always in the middle of the action. 
  See what I said above.
 And again. Crazy.
 Isaac loves to eat! If he is fussy a snack trap will solve anything.
 Isaac is a Daddy's boy! When I say he loves Will, I really mean he LOVESSS Will.  He basically cries every time Will comes home from work.  Isaac will pick his Daddy over me any day.  I love seeing them interact and pray he grow up to be just like Will.
 Another picture of Isaac just cheesing away.
 How was this just a year ago?!
 I took this picture 2 minutes after my mom left us and we were on our own as a family of 5. 
We survived! Our life is so full and we are grateful to have these 3 adorable children.

Isaac has been the perfect final piece to this families puzzles.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Rebecca is 3!

 Rebecca turned 3 June 28th and we had a great time celebrating her!
(Isaac turned one a month ago but I haven't taken his pictures yet so his post will be later.)
 It is just CRAZY how much she has grown in a year!
 This year she decided to have a Peppa Pig party.  I will do a book of her party but here are a few shots from her big day.
 She literally talked about her party for a good 2 months and asked everyday when the guests were arriving.
 How are these pictures only a year apart?!?!

 She had a great time feeling the love from her family!

 Rebecca tends to be more of a challenge at home and then when we are out and about is amazing.
True to form she did wonderful at her check up.  The nurses were impressed she would sit still to have her ears and eyes checked.  She made sure she was dressed to impress.  This one is all girl but has a splash of sporty in her too.
Rebecca is 38 1/2 inches tall (83%) and 32 pounds 6 oz (68%).  She is super healthy and for that we are thankful.
 A few facts about Rebecca
She has a big sweet tooth!  She has yet to meet a sweet she didn't like.
 She loves being a sister.  She takes this role very seriously and makes sure she keeps the boys in line.
Benjamin and her are play buddies and are quick to get on each others nerves.  She LOVES Benjamin and if he isn't home asks every 10 minutes where he is.  In the car she often yells, "Benjamin are you still behind me?"  Such a sweet relationship these two share.
 With Isaac she is his tiny mom.  She makes is constantly handing him toys, kissing his head, and making sure he is well taken care of.  I can relate to this relationship because it reminds me of how I was with my baby brothers.  Protective and always in his business. :)
 Needless to say she is going to be tough sandwiched between these two.  I have benefited so much in life from having two brothers and I feel so blessed her life will be enriched by these two precious boys.
 Rebecca LOVES to dress up. 
Her pretend play has really taken off.
Savannah is her best bud.  
These two are 2 months apart and they love hard, play hard, and fight hard.  Rebecca normally is the source of conflict but a the core she LOVES Savannah.
 Audrey hangs the moon in Rebecca's eyes.  She can do no wrong.  I am so thankful she gets to be an honorary sister with Amanda's girls.
 Rebecca goes from this...
 to this in 1 second.
She. Keeps. Me. On. My. Toes.
  Lets just call it sassy. 
 Rebecca is also brave.  She has a splash of an adventurous side.  At the beach she picked up fish, dead jellyfish, and held a crab.  I love that Rebecca can walk on the wild side a little bit. :)
Rebecca is a walking answered prayer.  She is everything and more I could ever have dreamed a daughter could be.  I thank God for such a precious child that I have the privilege of raising.  I pray she has a heart for the Lord, is kind to others, and is always proud of herself.  
I can't wait to see what this year has in store for our Bizzy!