Sunday, August 10, 2014

Catch Up!

 I have been a major blog slacker.  Summer has kept us super busy! 
Time to catch up...
Benjamin isn't sure about Rebecca's interest in his toys.
 I attempted to have a baby in a stroller and big kid on his scooter.
Major fail.
 Will and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! 
Amanda and Brian watched the kids while we enjoyed a date night in Mckinney.
 Before church...
 After church... well mid-way through church. 
This child is so dramatic when it comes to church nursery.  I am happy to report this past Sunday she lasted the whole service!
 I love seeing this little guy in my backyard.
 After my Pepaw died I have seen red cardinals everywhere.  Everyday one of our babies has been born. The day I found out I was pregnant with Rebecca, then the day we found it she was a girl. Every holiday wherever we are- my parents backyard, the lake, Memaws. Many times one will follow Will on his run.  The day I found out my Crohn's had progressed after having Rebecca and I needed lots of tests ran on me a picture of a cardinal was on the desk of the receptionist making my testing appointments.  I could go on and on.
I love these little reminders that this earth is just a temporary home and I have an angel watching over me.
 Comfy Benjamin?
 VBS was a blast this year!
 Amanda and I taught Luke's class this year.  
Here are our 3 getting their energy out in our room.
 I was that sister that took a picture of my sister dealing with 3 screaming kids.  Luke decided to run away, Savannah had been crying super hard in the nursery, and Audrey was in another kids pants and underwear because she had an accident - gross.
 It was so relaxing. :)
Shout out to Tula for watching Rebecca every morning that week because she had hand, foot, mouth disease.  What would I do without you?!
 Wants to be just like Daddy.
 Will and I escaped to Austin for a WHOLE weekend to celebrate our anniversary.
 When you marry military you spend 1/3 of your kid-free weekend looking at weapons.
  It was a super fun and relaxing weekend filled with facials, massages, golf, movie watching, hot coffee, and yummy food.
We had our room upgraded upon arrival and this was our balcony view.

 The lack of items in my beach bag was very exciting.
 Wouldn't be a trip to Austin with a huge plate of County Line ribs. 
 I love being married to my best bud.
 Grant took this picture of Benjamin watching the fireworks in Florida. 
 How precious is that?
 Will and Benjamin enjoyed a lunch in Fort Worth with Miss E and Uncle Matt.
 Blurry but good.  She was going crazy in the tunnel.
 Benjamin drew his first masterpiece in Tula's birthday card.
 This was a picture of his Tula.
 His teeth are cracking us up.  My Dad always says he could floss with a pipe cleaner. 
I think braces is in our future.
 Only the best naps for my Audrey Girl.
 Sweet friends.
 Big brother helping out.
 The sweetest baby that ever lived.
 Hopefully I will stay more on top of my blogging. :)