Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Events

 This past month has been filled with LOTS of Christmas celebrations.
We put up our tree!

 So glad I dressed up for the occasion.

 The kids got their own trees in their rooms.

 I love having our tree up.  I literally just stare at it throughout the entire day. Just makes me happy. :)
And so does this picture...

 Our elves showed up!
Rebecca named hers Sandwich and Benjamin named his Jellybean.
 We put up our Christmas lights!

We spent many nights just driving around looking at lights. This house was worthy of us getting out of our car.

 We visited Santa.

 It was a free event at Donut Kitchen.  We got their bright and early and were the first ones to see him!

 I finished Isaac's stocking.
 We made gingerbread cookies.
My parents took us to the Living Nativity.  I love this special tradition every year.

 Fun night with friends!

Benjamin's cards to his teachers.  He did such a great job!

 The day of Benjamin's school program.
 His baby brother and sister were happy to cheer him on!

 He did a fanastic job and looked precious while he performed.

 The next day was Rebecca's turn.
She was SO excited to wear her candy cane dress.
 First we had her class party...

 The kids did circle time for the parents.  Rebecca loves her Asher.
 Then the Pledge of Allegiance.
We were so proud of her...
 We then watched her program.
She sings ALLLLL day long at home and at school.  This child did not sing one note.  She sat with her feet out and glared at me.  I was just proud of her that she didn't cry!
 After she "sang" Will and I ran to Benjamin's party.
It was a busy, busy day.  Thankful for my mom who helped a TON with Isaac!

 Christmas wine night with the girls!
 Cookie decorating!
 She ate more than she decorated.
 Love making memories with them.

 "Tula's Cousin Christmas Breakfast"
Pjs, gingerbread men, pancakes shaped like candy canes, snowmen marshmallows... they were in heaven.

 Watching The Grinch.
 Thank you Tula for being so magical.
 After the party Rebecca went home and wore her new gifts all day long.
 She even slept in them.
 Man, that was a ton of celebrating...
I needed this. 
 Stay tuned for Christmas Day!