Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Is Risen!

He is risen!!! We have had a wonderful, fruitful, memorable Easter weekend.  This year was more fun because Benjamin was able to participate in the celebrations. 
(Note: Picture overload.)
We kicked off the weekend with a little Easter egg dying.  Benjamin was very into the coloring process and freaked out when it was time to take the eggs out.  The last four eggs practically fried in the vinegar because we left them in so long. 

After egg dying we all got ready for 5:00 church.  Benjamin was dressed to impress.

After an amazing service our church put on an Easter Egg Scramble.  Our section was roped off for the 0-PreK kids.

Benjamin had a hard time waiting for all the kids to line up...

...and it resulted in a tiny meltdown. :)
He recovered quickly and waited patiently for the other kids to arrive. 
(I may have stole an egg to buy me some time.)

Finally, they were off!!

Benjamin got very into it and was an egg hunting king.

He was so excited to see what were in his eggs.

Loving life one tiny piece of chocolate at a time.

My Loves.

This morning Benjamin woke up to some goodies in his basket.

He then had another egg hunt waiting for him.  Thankfully, we beat the storm by a good five minutes.

After our hunt Benjamin led us in prayer over a yummy breakfast of resurrection rolls, hard-boiled eggs, and fruit salad.
(Ben's version of "Amen")

We then headed over to Tula and Pop's for some more Easter fun...
Ben got another basket full of gifts.

and ANOTHER egg hunt.
They were off...

This is Ben's 'business casual' look.

The only cousin picture I managed to get.

Uncle Rett made sure the kids got every egg.

They are in love and they don't care who knows it.
(Please excuse my Buddy the Elf reference)

"You got new rain boots too!"

After the last hunt of the season we indulged in a delicious Tula-made meal.  She was so thoughtful and made sure the kids had special plates to eat their Easter lunch on.
Thanks Tula and Pop for all the Easter goodies and tasty lunch!
We have had such a blessed Easter weekend! We are so thankful for the life God has given us and the love He shows us everyday! I can't wait for my Rebecca to be apart of the Easter celebrations next year! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Program

This morning Benjamin had his Easter class party and school program.
He was a little confused at first at the hunt but eventually got the hang of it.

 After the hunt was the Easter program.  I had to hide so my pictures have random heads in the shots. :/ 

Benjamin started out very serious about his singing...

He then discovered his neighbor doing really nothing and thought it was just hilarious!!

His little neighbor eventually caught on and they had a grand old time in the front row of the program.  There was lots of screaming laughter and some head butting involved. Boys will be boys. :)

This little girl was eventually placed in between them as a buffer. 

Benjamin managed to sing "This Little Light of Mine" without any distractions.  
How precious!!

"...hide it under a bushel, NO! I'm going to let it shine!"

It was a successful Easter program!
Here he is with his buds headed back to class to decorate eggs and cookies.