Friday, June 17, 2016

Mega Photo Flush

 This post is LONG! I am so behind on posting pictures so here we go...
Isaac will be ONE this Sunday. 
 Here he was at 11 months, 3 weeks 5 days ago.  Mom fail on the 11 month post.

 He is still into everything and exploring everywhere.
 Loves hanging with the big kids.

 Not a huge fan of them carrying him.

 He is often attacked by the ladies in his life.
 Lover of cars.
  Lover of messes.  He is a fan of dumping his milk on his head.  Good times, good times.
 These two are two peas in a pod.
 Here they are at dance watching all the other little girls in their class misbehave. 

 Dancing queens.
  Both of these pictures where taken by their aunts. I took the one of Savannah while she was in my care and I forgot a change of clothes after dance.  Amanda took the one of Rebecca while I was a the doctor.  Love it.
Rebecca wants to be just like this sweet thing.

 Going through my phone I realized I had a TON of pictures of Audrey taking care of Isaac.  She is so into him and making sure he has what he needs at all times.

 Lovely ladies.
 Lake trip without the Dads!

Love my fajah.
 Summer fun!

   Golf camp!
 First splash pad experience.

 I got a new slip in slide for our backyard and of course Benjamin started crying instantly.
 Go kid.
He eventually warmed up to it.
 Survived another semester of school!
 Home Depot with my crew.

 Dress up obsessed.

  Tula got these precious nail decals overseas on her last trip.
 Summer fun.
 Bath for Hank in the backyard.
 Lake trip with my girls!

   Someone got a big girl bed!
So was SO SO excited!  Tula bought her new sheets to celebrate.

    Park fun!

 Mothers Day program at school.
 He was so proud of his gift.

 Rebecca's turn.
 Both kids ate my treat. Ha.
 She made sure my gift was pink and purple.
 Love this picture of her with her best bud Fern.  Fern speaks no English but somehow they play and play all day.
 Ok Daddy, time to come home.
 Mother's Day weekend my Memaw came into town.  She was able to come see Benjamin play a game.

 Stroller power.
 All of us moms went out Saturday night.
 Sunday my crew did some relaxing.
 Actually I woke up to this and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee.
 She eventually calmed and we headed to church.
 Then shopped for some goodies.
 I did actually enjoy some relaxing moments that day and am thankful for Will who is such a great husband.

 She started the day like this and ended it the same way. 
Which leads me to...
 The hardest month of parenting thus far.
Isaac has only wanted Will or me.
 He couldn't see me during our walk and bawled the entire time.
Benjamin cries at the drop of a hat.
 Rebecca has been a crazy lady.

  Will and I had a come to Jesus moment and the last week has been so much better.  I have had to crack the whip with each kid and it's paying off.  Holy cow being a mother is hard.  Thank you Mom for sticking it out with me as I know I was a PILL.
 We just survived an entire week without Will.
Facetime Fail.  He was SO SO mad he couldn't touch him.
 My bed buddy for the week.
 We had lots of treats,
  swam a ton,
 bossed our cousins around during a sleepover,
(Brian was also out of town for the week.)

   ate out a few times,
(Thank you Tula!)
 and did lots of running on the golf course which made for easy bed put downs!