Sunday, January 29, 2012

Partayyy Time!!

We have been celebrating Benjamin's birthday for a whole week now and he has no clue. Ha. This Saturday we closed the celebration with a dog themed party at our house. 
There was love. There was giving. There was cake. 

My Family of Three.

The Gibson Side.

The Schmid Side.

The Decorations.

While the guests were arriving Benjamin was still napping.  He needed some time to wake up before partying.  Here he is taking in the slide show I made him getting some Tula love.

After waking up, he was ready to open gifts!
(Note: This kid is OBSESSED with hats.  He loves carrying a hat around all day - see photo below.  It is the cutest thing because he doesn't want to wear it but wants you to. He loves putting a hat on any available head. A tiny hat could keep this kid entertained for an hour.)

Benjamin got so many fun toys! 

Of course, he loved staring at anything Elmo. 
That bag could of been empty and he couldn't of cared less! :)

It's the simple things in life.

Best Baby Ever.

She makes me want another.

Benjamin enjoyed playing with all his new toys.

He was especially drawn to his new red wagon compliments of Tula and Pop. 
He was in awe of its beauty.

His best bud was quick to join in on the fun.

After opening gifts the party got really crazy. 
 I mean look at that crowd.

Benjamin had a great time eating hot dogs while being entertained by Luke.

The Cake.
I slaved over this cute dog cake and it was worth every minute.  I have many, many, many memories of homemade cakes at all parties growing up.  It was so special for me to continue my mother's tradition and make my boy his first cake. 

He loved it.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day.
While singing "Happy Birthday" Benjamin got very frustrated and really wanted to touch the candle. I love this picture for many reasons:
1. Ben's face. Classic.
2. Will not phased by Ben crying.  Ben's crying as NEVER bothered Will and I am so thankful for that.
3. Luke behind me trying to sneak in a blow.
I just love it.

Love them.




I can only guess who is making Benjamin laugh?

Luke is my saving grace. :)
I'm pretty sure he is experiencing a sugar coma in the picture.

After a bath, Benjamin got some Aunt Amanda time in.
Shout out to Amanda and Brian for documenting the day!  I am so thankful I didn't have to worry about snapping photos and filming. Love you.

The Night Before

The night before the big party Aunt Amanda, Uncle Brian, Uncle Rett, Audrey, and Luke all came over for a sleepover.  Benjamin couldn't wait for them to arrive!
Aunt Amanda is quite the multi-tasker. :)

Why so serious Audrey Claire?

For dinner we headed to Rosa's for an early celebration for Uncle Rett's 25th birthday.  
Looks like Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brian were in need of a drink...

Hmmm... what is so funny Benjamin?

And yes, he was screaming inside the restaurant.

Happy Birthday Uncle Rett!
You are so special to us.

I love being an Aunt.
Giving a two-year-old straight icing before bed.  Is that a bad idea?

The morning of the party, we enjoyed donuts and coffee for breakfast. 

Luke was all ready to get his party on.

Audrey was right behind him ready to go!

Benjamin, I hope you felt super loved on your first birthday! 
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1 Year!

This morning Benjamin and I braved the rain for his one year check up.
Here he is post shots and pre shots. 
Thank goodness I remembered to bring his music kit!

Benjamin did great! His stats are: 32 inches (97%), 21 pounds (35%), and his head is 47 cm (70%).  Things really haven't changed - he is still SUPER long and lean.  Benjamin still had no teeth (ha.), wears 3/4 size diapers, and 12/18 month clothes.  He is covered in eczema just like his mama was at this age.  Benjamin is still taking two naps a day around 45 minutes each.  He isn't the best napper and is showing signs of dropping the morning nap. (That will be a sad day.)  He is still a champ night sleeper!

This month I have seen a HUGE change in Benjamin!! He is so much happier and independent.  I did a "baby boot camp" for a couple of weeks and have seen major changes.  He has stopped crying all day and is not needing me to hold/entertain him 24/7.  Ben smiles more, explores more, and overall is enjoying life! I am one happy mama!!

Clapping. Exploring. Food (Strawberries are his favorite.). Music (listening, dancing, singing, music class). Shaking his head 'no'. Facing forward in his car seat. Window watching. Taking super long naps when Daddy is home. Taking really short naps when Mama is home. Sitting in Mama's lap. Chasing Hank. Cruising. "Talking" to Luke on the phone.

Not A Fan Of
Diaper changes. Facing backwards in the car.

"One hand Mom!"
Benjamin has started cruising holding on by one hand.  His mobility has increased over night and is all over the place! I love it!  

As I mentioned above, Benjamin has really struggled facing backwards in the car.  Will and I decided to flip him once he turned one and he has LOVED it.  He now has a great view of everything and tons of leg room.

Benjamin and I at his favorite weekly activity, music class!

Benjamin loves a good swing.
He really enjoys grilling out with his Daddy.

Wow, he sure has grown!

Wow, a year went by so fast!!