Friday, May 27, 2011

"Jesus Loves Me This I Know"

This past Sunday Benjamin was baptized at Will's childhood church. It was such a special time for our two families to come together and love on our sweet boy. Will and I were so blessed to have been surrounded by Christ-like examples throughout our whole lives and look forward to continue with our own children. He will always know we love him tons but Jesus loves him more!
Here is our little cutie in his special outfit that his Daddy, and Miss E wore on their christening day.
Benjamin was on his best behaviour.
He wasn't too sure about the water. :) My sweet family.
Ben's Godparents are my brother Rett and my sister Amanda. Will and I couldn't have picked better people. They are PERFECT examples for Benjamin to strive to live like. Kind-hearted. Loyal. Faithful. Wise. Self-less... I could go on and on.
Love me some Dodges...
The Schmid Side ...
The Penny Side...
Ben has a lot of people loving on him.
After the baptism we headed over to Joe T's for some yummy Mexican food.
Benjamin chilling with his Daddy, Boots, Uncle Matt and Cousin Rob.
I love this next picture... Riley and Uncle Grant playing with Benjamin. How many 22 and 20 year-olds would be this attentive to a baby? So sweet.
Will and I are SO blessed.
Thank you Jesus for lending us Benjamin, we promise to do our very best with your precious son. We are truly grateful, and humbled.
Our cup runneth over.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4 Months!!

My precious Benjamin is 4 months old!
I love my little man more and more everyday.
We went to the doctor this afternoon and Ben did great! He was very interested in what the doctor had to say and listened to every word. The doctor couldn't get over how alert and focused Ben was. Ben weighs 14 pounds 4 ounces (50%), his head is 42 cm (50%) and he is a whopping 27 inches putting him off the charts (95%+). Still super long and lean!
At 4 months Benjamin is still eating every 3 hours during the day and enjoys (more like inhales!)some cereal around dinnertime. Ben is an awesome night sleeper. He sleeps 7:30ish - 8ish with one feeding somewhere around 6ish. Naps are a different story... Ben is a HORRIBLE napper. He takes a bunch of little 35-45 minute naps all day long. I am hoping for some longer naps in his future! Ben loves bath time, eating cereal, sucking Sophie (his giraffe), standing, and thinking about life. He is still a very difficult baby needing LOTS of stimulation every moment he is awake. Ben has a super sweet spirit like his Daddy and somehow manages to be sassy like his Mommy!
This picture was taken while we waited and I think he looks hilarious in it! Ben has started giving this face to me EVERY TIME I put a camera in his face.
We had to bring his best friend Sophie.
He took his shots like a champ!
By the time we got home he was little tired...
Here he is enjoying some tummy time.
Ben actually ROLLED OVER for the first time today!! I was so proud of him. He started to giggle the second after he rolled... I think he was proud too. :)
This picture was taken last night. Ben fell asleep with his hands in the air. So odd. Will and I thought it was pretty funny.
Can't do anything without Sophie.
"The Camera Face"
Ben sleeps on his tummy for naps and back for nighttime.
Here he is looking pretty comfy.
So sweet...
Ben has entered the world of being in a highchair. He cried for an hour right after this picture was taken just because he felt like it. :)
Note: Sophie's head.
Love the close up.
I will end with this sweet face.
Love his lips. MUAHHHH!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nom, nom, nom.

Benjamin has been taking an 8 ounce bottle before bed for the past week. Since we are only a week away from 4 months, I decided he might be ready for some cereal.
Hmmm... do you think he liked it?
In other news, Benjamin was in one of his moods while I was trying to get dinner on one night. I strapped my little pumpkin on and continued with my cooking. Once I was done and we were waiting on Daddy to come home, we went into the bathroom to play in the mirror. I took one look at him and noticed a big glob of peanut butter on his nose! It must of plopped on in the middle of making Will's lunch. He had been fussing the whole time, but heck, that wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I frantically called my medical sister and asked if it was possible for him to have an allergic reaction. Duh. No you silly first time mom. He didn't eat it. I thought the picture of us was super funny. Classic Ben face.
Benjamin is officially able to sit in his bumbo. Another daytime activity. Alleluia.
Ben thinks his Daddy is hilarious! He has giggled at me here and there but it is nothing compared to what he does with his Daddy. I can here them laughing it up from the other room. Music to my ears. I caught this pic mid giggle. Precious. Precious.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and More

My first Mother's Day was a huge success! Benjamin (and Will) did a fantastic job making this new mama feel super loved. With a face like that it doesn't take much to make me smile!
On Saturday, Will informed me that Benjamin had asked to go shopping. It was the first time Will has been alone with Benjamin in the car and I was a little nervous knowing my precious cargo were on the streets. (I know. I am SO a first time mom.) While my guys were off shopping I enjoyed a nice LONG shower and a good cup of coffee.
Shopping was exhausting!!
Note: Love the tiny foot sticking out. :)
Sunday morning I woke up to a sweet baby holding a card with a huge smile on his face. Benjamin was so thoughtful he even splurged on a new single-cup coffee maker for this caffeine lover. I had a great Mother's Day spending time with my guys. I am one blessed lady. I love being apart of the mommy club!
Is it Mother's Day again anytime soon?
Last week Benjamin and I were social butterflies.
We spent a few days in Mckinney spoiling my mom for Mother's Day. She is an incredible lady and I feel so blessed to call her Mom. I pray I can love my children the way she has loved me. We also enjoyed spending time at Aunt Amanda's. The picture below in Benjamin talking it up with his favorite Aunt.
Love me some Luke.
We also got to visit one of my dearest friends Elizabeth and her adorable daughter Lily. Elizabeth and I have known each other since middle school. What a blessing it is to have a friend like her!
Saturday morning Benjamin and I headed to Dallas to have breakfast with more wonderful friends. Ben was not on his best behavior. He was great for the first 20 minutes and then screamed his head off the rest of breakfast. My sweet friends took turns taking him outside. The following pics were clearly taken pre- meltdown.
Alyssa and Ben
Ben and Staples chilling out.
We had a great time hanging out with fun Megan who came and spent the day with us. Ben loved being rocked to sleep by her!
Don't let this picture fool you!!! Benjamin is the WORST napper ever. Before this picture was taken the following events occurred: screamed in his crib for an hour, screamed in my arms for 15 minutes, bounced in my arms pacifier in finally reaching a slumber. Whewww I am exhausted just typing that. I have tried every trick in the book in an effort to train my child to nap in his bed. The only thing that seems to work is sleeping on his tummy. He has taken a 2 1/2 hour nap the past two days!! Amazing. The whole tummy thing makes me super nervous. I put a tiny animal on his back so I can see him breathe more clearly on the monitor. I can't wait for him to become more mobile so I can stop staring at the monitor the whole nap!
If you have met Ben you know he is three things: 1. Precious. (duh!) 2. A thinker. 3. A hard baby. He has started this whining thing where he is fussing and smiling at the same time. The picture below is the closest I could get in capturing the face. It is hilarious!
Benjamin has also started holding toys and sucking on them. His favorite is his cute giraffe.
I will end with a post bath time picture.
Come on people. He is so cute!
You can't have him, he's mine. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Following in our Tula's footsteps, Benjamin and I are officially in love with anything royal. In order to prepare for the big day we watched every TLC, E!, 20/20, and Dateline special. Benjamin couldn't contain his excitement and insisted on having our own version of a royal party. Unfortunately, Benjamin didn't feel like staying up to watch the wedding live. I haven't been a mom long but what I do know... when baby sleeps, you sleep. We called on our friends Dixie and Abigail and bright and early they showed up for some coffee, cinnamon rolls, and royal fun.
Here are Benjamin and Abigail dressed in their finest ready to meet the Queen.
Benjamin was in shock I was making his manly self participate.
After 6 hours of royal magic Ben was over it. No more fashion talk, no more prince talk. When is Dad coming home?
Special shout out to Auntie E!! She came over last Monday to watch over Benjamin while I went to the doctor in Dallas. It was a nice break knowing my little man was being taken care of by my most favorite Aunt ever! Thanks Auntie E for my lamb lovie. I love napping with it everyday!