Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lots Going On!

Since our trip to Austin we have been busy, busy.
Gone are the days of doing chores without many stops for play along the way.

We went to a Rangers game with Stephanie and Tyler for a baby free night of fun.
Thanks Aunt Lindy and Uncle Bill for the free tickets and babysitting!
I can always count on my girl Steph to provide tailgating treats.

Friends for 20 years!

The hubby.

Ben and I escaped our apartment for a day to Mckinney. Benjamin loves playing with his cousins.

On our way home we met our dear friends Mary and Elizabeth for a little reunion at the mall. We have known them our whole lives and it is really special to get our babies together.

Note: Big Luke looking at Little Luke.

We love the Tschoepe girls!

 This kid loves him some edamame. 

Ben's new thing is when I tell him its time to go 'nigh nigh' he gets on the couch and hides under the blanket.

I put my camera under the blanket and go the follow (adorable) pics. 

Love those lashes.

 One day I snuck into his room during his nap to get a peak at him dreaming.
Mom fail. He woke up the second after this (not worth it) picture was taken. 

While Will was away on a company fishing trip we headed back to Mckinney for some time at Tula and Pop's.  Tula took us shopping and spoiled us rotten.  Ben insisted he keep his new kicks on while shopping. 

After a dip in the pool Ben cuddled close with Pop.

Benjamin loves to hand toys to whoever he is around while playing.  Here is my loot after 5 minutes of playing one morning. Too cute!

I love Audrey Claire!

Tula and Tiny Romo.

A baby toddler in a diaper.

After dinner one night Pop put all his babes in a basket and took them on a ride of terror. 
Note: The progression of fear. 

Ben's Current Loves:


 Holding things in his mouth while walking... 

Being put in a towel after bath and sitting super still...

Weekend cuddles with Daddy...

Handing you his shoes at 7:01 am (the second he wakes up) because he wants to go walk outside. (sigh)...

And throwing huge fits if he (heaven forbid) doesn't get his way.
(Note: He got his way two seconds after this picture was taken.)

Last weekend Will took Ben to get a car wash and captured this face of horror.
Not to sure about the car wash... 

Well.... that's all of the random things we have been up to.
"Elmo did what!?"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Austin Trip

(Note: Thanks Amanda for letting me steal your Austin post! I added a few pics but other than that its all yours.) 
We had a fun 3 nights in Austin last week to visit Memaw.  We love going to Austin and this trip didn't disappoint.  Of course Memaw was there, but Tula, Aunt Amanda, Luke, Audrey, Auntie E, and Molly all came as well.  Luke asked Amanda several times why there were no daddies coming (obviously they all had to work), I guess being surrounded by all those women can get a little overwhelming sometimes! ;) 
In true Memaw style, we were greeted with new books, puzzles, a train and a few other fun things.  These kids sure are spoiled!

Auntie E also showed up with many gifts!
One of them was a baby pool and the kids loved!

Amanda and I got a special treat of a kid-free day shopping with Molly!

Zilker Park is filled with many family memories.  It was the park my parents got engaged at and the park my Memaw and Pepaw took us to swim/play/canoe/ride the train growing up.  It is so much fun sharing it with our kids now! There is something about Zilker Park that makes me feel like a little kid...

Ben loved riding the train and watching all the dogs being walked.

Cute Luke.

I have a picture on this exact train at this age with Rett. 
I didn't have a raisin stuck in my tooth though... ha!

After the park Memaw treated us to some yummy Catfish Parlour.
 I have so many memories at that place sucking down cold root beers as a kid. 

Audrey enjoyed some girl time with Molly.

Later that day, we also went to the Austin Children's Museum. Luke had never been to a place like this, and was so wide eyed.  He could hardly contain himself, and ran from one thing to the next.  He was pretty much in kid heaven. 

Benjamin enjoyed playing with the train for two hours. 

Audrey loved playing with anything she could get her hands on.

She also enjoyed being near her Tula the whole trip.  She is quite obsessed with Tula and cries when she isn't  being held by her.  So cute!

The whole trip was wonderful but there was someone missing for the first time.  I felt the presence of my sweet Pepaw the entire trip.  Everywhere we went memories of my Pepaw surfaced.  I could hear his laughter in the house, I could feel his arm around me on the train, I could hear his voice telling a funny story at Catfish Parlour.  Even though Benjamin and my future kids won't have any memories they can remember of my Pepaw, I will make it my mission for him to be an example of someone who loved and served his family and Lord his whole life.  I was so blessed to have him in my life 27 years.  Before heading home we visited his grave with the kids.  I know he would of loved the boys playing with his flowers and crawling all around him.  It felt so real, so final, so sad being there.  I feel grateful to take comfort in knowing he is finally free and in the presence of the Lord even though I miss him everyday.  

The ride home was a little rough, so please don't let the below faces fool you. ;) 

Looks can be deceiving... this was our little trouble maker.

Thank you Memaw for a wonderful time!  We will be back soon!