Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend at the Lake

We had a blast this weekend at the lake!
At the lake you can count on a few things...

Family of three.
... there are always cute kids nearby to play with...

... there is a lot of Uncle/Dad help going on ... 

... there are always a few visitors ... 

Any mom can relate to the following picture.
Is it 7:00 am? Yes. Are you still waking up? Yes. Is your child ready to play? YES!
#1 Mom Award.
 ... there is always a lot of yummy food being devoured...

Chef Rett. 
Pistachio Crusted Salmon.
Chef Brian. 
Pork tenderloin, roasted corn, and home aide sweet potato fries. 
...there is always plenty of time spent in the water...

This was Benjamin's first time to ride on the boat and he LOVED it!

I was also able to get lots of cuddle time in.

I feel like this picture will be hilarious to show Audrey and Ben in 20 years. 
So cute.


The final thing you can count on out at the lake...
beautiful sunsets.
We love lake weekends!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ode To Mrs. Riddell

This past weekend Will and I were in Austin to celebrate the union of Brad and Kristen. 
It was such a honor to watch the weekend unfold that ultimately led to Kristen Rogers becoming Kristen Riddell. 
Me and Mrs. Riddell
Friday we all met at the church (might I add, the church where Jessica Simpson was married) for some rehearsing.  

Me. The Bride. Stephanie.
We then headed to County line for the rehearsal dinner.  
Great weather. Cold beers. Delicious BBQ. Hot cobbler. Sweet friends.

It was so wonderful catching up with old friends.
Baby free!
The Future Mr. and Mrs. Portacci
Night cap with Steph
The next day I headed to Kristen's parents house for a bridal luncheon filled with yummy mimosa and quiches.
When I was 19 and got accepted into A&M Kristen bought me a tiny "Congratulations" plaque.  It was then passed off to her when she got in.  Three years later she gave it back after Will and I got engaged.  I had it in my possession during my wedding and the birth of Benjamin.  It was so fun passing it off to her on her big day.  What a sweet tradition we share together.  
It will be so much fun to see what special times are in our future that are 'plaque' worthy!

Mimosas. Check. Cute monogram button ups. Check.  

While I was watching this happen...
I received this from my Dad. Pop just couldn't resist.

I loved this moment.
Kristen = pure JOY!!
Gorgeous Kristen.
 They said 'I do' and it was followed with a beautiful backyard, "Father of the Bride"-style reception.  
Twinkle lights. Yummy food. Wedding cake filled with fresh strawberries. Ice cream cookie sandwiches. And a sparkler send off.
The night was filled with so much laughter and love.

Aggie Roomies.
The Mr's with their Mrs's.
My love.
 Welcome to the club Riddell's!
I am reminded of what love should look like just being around you.  You both are incredible, faithful people and it's a privilege knowing you.  May your marriage be filled with laughter, love, friendship, and lots of babies!! :)