Wednesday, October 21, 2015

4 Months!

I have started a pattern of only blogging once a month... going to try to do better this month.  Get ready for mega post of all that happened in October. 
This little love bug turned 4 months on Sunday! 
Isaac is still as precious as ever! He still eats 4 times a day: 7-10-1-4-7 (roughly) with 4 naps - 2 mini morning naps, one big afternoon nap, and one mini late afternoon.  He is in bed by 7 and sleeps till 7! Talk about a game changer to have all 3 kids in their rooms by 7:30.  We dropped the dream feed a couple of weeks ago and would go 7-4:45.  I then started solids last week because he was downing an 8 oz bottle before bed and seemed hungry still.  Ever since solids he has slept til 7!  He is my first baby not have to do "cry it out" at 4 months to get the 12 hour night sleep.
He holds light things and loves having his hands in his mouth.  He loves tummy time and is super strong when doing. He has rolled tummy to back and seems super close to doing back to belly.  Sometimes at night I look at the monitor and his hips are turned so far they are touching the bed while his shoulders are still sleeping sideways.  He seems to be trying to get to his tummy.
We went to the doctor yesterday for his 4 month.  I forgot a blanket for him (so 3rd kid) so he was snuggled up in my cardigan.  He didn't seem to mind. 
Isaac is 16 pounds 10 ounces(80-90%), 26 inches long (90%), and his head is 17 inches (70-80%).  At 4 months, Ben weighed 14 pounds 4 ounces (50%), his head was 42 cm (50%) and he was 27 inches (95%+). Rebecca was 13 pounds 2 ounces (20-30%), 26 1/2 inches long (95%+) and her head is 16 1/2 inches (80-90%).  So Isaac is the heaviest by 2-3 pounds, Benjamin was the longest followed by Rebecca then Isaac but all super close. Rebecca's head was the biggest followed by Isaac and then Benjamin.  All three have been very long, somewhat lean (except Ike), and big heads. :)
 Love a good baby comparison picture.
 First bath with all 3!

 He loves tummy time! Isaac is by far my baby who loves being on their tummy the most.
 Someone is enjoying this a little more than the other.
 I snapped these seconds after placing him in the bumbo for the first time.  He was SOO excited!
 My little tank seemed like he couldn't get enough formula so I started him on solids last week.  He lovesss them. (Shocker)

 My favorite time of the day.
  October Photo Flush
Bug hunting with friends.
 Amanda and I facetimed each other one Friday night and answered like this.
 Loving school!
  The daddy's were gone one night so Kellie and I had a pizza, movie, pj night with the kids.
I swear he loves the Larkin girls.
Larkin girls with the Schmid kids.

My cousin Riley's son Tate came to play one day.
Rebecca is still learning what personal space is...
Tiny Riley and Tiny Pop.
Best buds in the making.
Soccer stud!
He has come so far this season.  The ball use to literally roll over his soccer shoes and he could of cared less.  He always has had so much fun at games and runs around giggling whenever he is in.  This past week he actually kicked the ball a few times in the right direction!
Soccer games are a big family affair.  Luke and Benjamin have had quite the cheering section.  I looked over one game to see this and heard Luke tell Isaac, "I'm going to protect you baby Isaac."  How precious is that?
 Not spoiled at all.

He was crying because I gave him the flavor of Popsicle he wanted.
Church friends.  They always hold hands going out.
Rebecca's name tag at school.  She is just too cute.
First pony that lasted two seconds.
Park fun.
Heard Criag's dinosaur exhibit.  McKinney has so many fun things to do!
The State Fair was a blast!
Styled by Tula.

We rode lots of rides, ate some yummy fried food, and watched a few shows.

Brian, Benjamin, and Audrey were the brave ones who wanted to ride the ferris wheel.
We watched. :)
The day was so much fun that wore all the kids out!
Thank you Tula and Pop for a great day at the fair!
Will and Isaac stayed back so Will could get some studying done. (Also, a baby at the fair didn't sound too appealing.) I got home to find this - Isaac's schedule for the day.  Will had wrote down everything he did.  So, so cute! Love Will and am so blessed to have a husband who is so hands on with our kids.
Sunrise one morning from our backyard.  The kids were outside with me and Benjamin said, "WOW! Mom, Jesus painted that.  It took him all night." Oh the faith of a child.
The day these were taken was a challenging one.
We all started out like this...
.... and ended like this.
I snapped this while all THREE were crying.  I had to leave bible study early that day because Isaac was having a rough go.  I pulled into the garage and at one point all 4 of us were crying.  Haha. Just keeping it real. :)
I ended the day like this. :)
I am so so thankful to have the privilege of raising these precious children.
Getting excited for Halloween.

Headed to Open House.
They held hands the whole way.  They have to sweetest relationship.

Golf with the boys.
His tiny hand on Brian's knee.  Love it.
"Mama snuggles."
Pumpkin painting party with friends.

This month has been filled with lots of medical things.  At the start of the month I starting experiencing lots of Crohns symptoms and found out my Humira shots weren't working.  Over the past 2 weeks I have had a specialized MRI, chest x-ray, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and all the fun prep involved with all of those tests.  I am on some new meds and already feeling better! 
I am SOOOOOO thankful to have such an amazing family who has driven me places, picked kids up from school, watched my kids while I did my preps, brought me food, and prayed over me.  It truly takes a village and I am thankful to carry this cross with them.
Benjamin wanted me to take a picture of myself at the hospital so I did.  It is so wonderful to be able to expose my kids (and Amanda's) to suffering.  They are able to watch us suffer well and suffer with Christ by our side.  I pray they learn to pick up crosses when life throws and carry them with faith.
The day of my endoscopy and colonoscopy I grabbed Rebecca out of her crib only to find both of her eyes to have pink eye and a nasty cold.  Ha.  Oh the timing.

Benjamin also got the pink eye along with a bad cold.
After two weeks of fun sickness, I was ready to have some fun and go to...
Wine night with the girls.
I went as a baby.
Gibson girls night out.
  We ALWAYS dress alike.... ALWAYS. 
Hopefully it won't take me another full month before another post. :)