Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Months!

Our little cutie is two months old!

At two months, Benjamin is still eating about every three hours during the day. He normally eats, plays for 15 - 20 minutes and then screams his head off until he falls asleep again. :) Ben is a GREAT night sleeper! The past three nights he has slept from 9:30 - 6:30. He loves a good swaddle, a warm bath, and his blue vanilla-scented pacifier. Benjamin loves taking walks around the house, playing on his music mat and taking LONG naps on mommy.


We went to the doctor this morning for his two month check-up and it went great! He is 24 1/2 inches long (92%) and 12 pounds (52%). Long and lean!

Waiting for the doctor to come in....

Still waiting....
Not a fan of shots.
We had a great weekend filled with some relaxing, some family and some screaming!

Benjamin fell asleep in our bed Saturday morning... He was just exhausted from the 10 hours he had just slept in his crib! Will and I love the time we spend with Ben in the mornings. He is all smiles.

Will and I went to a wedding on Saturday. Here are my two handsome guys right before leaving. So precious.

We left Ben with his Great-Grandmother Geeb. He was so excited to finally meet his Daddy's sweet grandmother!

Did I mention there was some screaming involved this weekend...

take one.
take two.
take three.
Don't ever forget Benjamin...
Mama loves you!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go!

Well, our baby turned two months old this past Wednesday. His check-up is Monday so stay tuned for a two month post. This week we headed to Austin to visit Ben's Great Grandmother and Grandfather - my sweet Memaw and Pepaw. I was so excited for Ben to finally meet two of the most important people in my life. We had lots to do in preparation for our journey...
Daddy showed Ben a map and made sure he knew exactly where he was going.
I love, love this picture... my baby love and my man love.
Ben wanted to make sure he was well rested and asked to go to bed extra early the night before. On our way...
Auntie E, Tula and Ben enjoying some Wendy's for lunch.
We finally made it to Memaw and Pepaw's house! It is such a blessing for my children to get to meet my Memaw. They will all be better people having known her. She is the most positive person I will ever know. A true example of what a self-less, loyal, faithful wife looks like. I know God is so honored to call her one of his!! These two cuties are quite the pair. Luke had so much fun playing outside and running to his Mommy's arms.
This little one has a big chunk of my heart.
On day two we were off to the park for some playground and yummy pizza.
Ben loves getting some Tula love.
Ben had SO much fun. :)
He has lots of ladies loving on him.
Memaw and Auntie E are members of his fan club.
Luke is so cute with Benjamin. He will walk up to "Ali's baby" and wave hello multiple times a day. It will be so cute to see these two play (and fight) together!
The trip to Austin was a success and we hope to return soon!
Benjamin is such a precious, loved baby BUUUUT he is turning out to be pretty fussy. In a few months I know I will chuckle thinking back at this season of his baby life. The picture below is whats going down in the Schmid house at the moment... Who wants to come over?? :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


I can't believe Benjamin is going to be two months this Wednesday! Crazy. Crazy. We have had a great week filled with lots of family, friends and fun!
Uncle Grant was in town for Spring Break so we ventured to McKinney so Ben could spend some time with him. Tula took Amanda, Luke, Ben and I out for some shopping and lunch before Ben got some man time in with his Uncles. It was so much fun!
We ate a yummy lunch.
Slept some in the car.
Luke is quite the helper... He loves to make sure his little buddy has everything he needs.
He is going to be a great big brother!!
Enough with the girly lunches and shopping. Ben was ready to hang out with his Uncle Grant...
Uncle Rett...
and Uncle Brian!
For dinner Uncle Grant fried up some yummy chicken. We all loved it - especially Firefighter Luke!
Boy that was a long day!
The next day Ben got to spend some time with two of my dearest friends. Stephanie and Elizabeth came over to my sister's for a play date. What a blessing it is to have these two precious friends in my life!
Last night we had a delicious dinner at Miss E and Boot's house. Ben had so much fun hanging out with his Great-Granny G!
God was just showing off when he made me! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

This and That

Come on people. Look at that baby. I die.
Last week, Ben and I headed to Mckinney to get some Gibson lovin. It is so wonderful to hand my baby off to the many hands available and get to - take a longgg shower, eat a hot meal, sleep that extra hour and enjoy that hot cup of coffee in the morning. We had so much fun playing with cousin Luke and can't wait to go back!
Tula singing some lullabies. I crack up at this picture. Ben's fussy time is around the 6-9 slot and Pop somehow put the stun on him in the thick of it. I have never seen this child more calm. Pop. The door is unlocked. Come anytime. Close up on the hypnotized baby. Ben's sleeping schedule is something I am trying to figure out. (I have a feeling I never will.) Our nightime routine is pretty consistent, it is the days that are a little tricky. I am currently trying to 'bed train' Ben during the day. My goal right now is everyday he take two bed naps lasting a hour. Yes. That means he cries it out most of the time. We are on week one of this and he is actually doing pretty great! He slept a whole 55 minutes in his bed yesterday!! I can't wait to get him trained so I can get more done around the house -- it is pretty hard when you have a baby in your arms 24/7. :) Will and I enjoyed our first baby-free date thanks to Miss E (Will's mama)! I could just kick myself for not snapping a picture of them before we left. It was the first time we have left Ben and I have to admit I missed him. Will and I had so much fun!! We made a pact not to talk about Ben and only broke it twice. We went to the Love Shack for some yummy burgers, beers, and live music! I think it is safe to say we will be doing this again - Thanks Miss E!! When we got home from our date we did our nighttime routine. We are well oiled machines! Will is mainly in charge during of this part of the day (change diaper/clothes. give bottle. put down for bedtime) and it is so precious to watch these two interact. Ben LOVES his Daddy! I know Will looks forward to their special mom-free time together each night. Oh, I can't get enough of you. I love you head to toe. I love you to the moon and back.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Great Week!

Being new to the blogging world, I messed up this post and it's a little out of order. I somehow deleted the following two pics.
Happy Birthday Pop!
Ben and I love you SOO much!!
Yesterday, Miss E, Aunt Charlotte and Granny G came over for a visit. Thanks Miss E for all the yummy food you brought over!! We have had such a great week! I feel so blessed that God has given me this precious baby to raise -- he is just heaven. There is no where else in the world I would rather be than loving on my sweet Ben!
Ben had so much fun playing with Abigail. She is 3 months older and Ben is already as long as her! Dixie (Abigail's Mommy) and I thinks it's true love already!
The next day, Aunt Amanda and Luke decided last minute to visit. We had so much fun! Ben loved napping on Aunt Amanda! He also loved being bathed by Luke! This is the first bath Ben hasn't screamed his head off. My sister saw how I was bathing him and thought he was cold. She showed me how to put more water into the tub - duhhh Ali! As seen below, he clearing is enjoying himself. Thanks Aunt Amanda!
We went for a great walk to the park!
That evening my whole family came over to celebrate my Dad's birthday. I could just kick myself for not documenting the night. Uncle Grant met Ben for the first time! I will make sure to take their picture next time... we had so much fun eating yummy BBQ at Railhead!
Ben smiled for the first time last weekend!! Will and I were so excited - I might have cried. :) He is doing it more and more everyday. Nothing is more precious than seeing your sweet baby smile!
Benjamin was super excited to watch the Red Carpet and the Oscars with me! I explained to him that it is a tradition in the Gibson household to eat a ton and talk about all the dresses.
Guess he missed the memo. Next year Benjamin, next year!
During one of his naps I looked over an his hands were perfectly placed over each other. I had to document it. Yes. I am that Mom.
Over the past few days Ben has hit a huge grow spurt. He is eating every 1 1/2 hours! Ahhh!! The thought of him eating every 3 hours sounds dreamy.... speaking of that, my sweet babe just opened his eyes and he is looking hungry! :)