Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teeth Envy

Benjamin has been having some major 'teeth envy' these days. 
EVERY morning when I am brushing my teeth he crawls up my leg and loves to watch me get my brush on.  Even though my 14 monther still lacks his pearly whites I figured we would start creating good habits so I purchased a tiny toothbrush for him.  Saying it has been a hit would be an understatement.  This kid can brush his teeth for a good 30 minutes! :)

Brush, brush, brush.

Don't worry, his lack of teeth haven't stopped him from consuming massive amounts of food.


...and milk. 

We had a great weekend and enjoyed lots of outside time.  

My loves.

Will and I treated ourselves to an early anniversary gift.  
I think Benjamin was more excited about our purchase than we were.  

Ben also picked out a new swimsuit for our Hawaii trip this summer.  He is good to go!

Saturday my most favorite female cousin came over to watch Ben while Will and I went to a party in Dallas. Molly is so maternal, nurturing, fun, and a complete natural with Ben.  He was very into Miss Molly!

Here we are with the happy couple Kristen and Brad!

It was so fun catching up with old college friends.

It is always a good time with this hunk by my side.

 The next morning Ben was quick to ham it up for the camera.

I sure do love my little ham!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loving the Lake

This past weekend was spent at our favorite lake house with some of our favorite people.  
Benjamin insisted Patches sit in his lap for the 3 hour car ride.  He sure does love his Patches!

Saturday Benjamin spent the majority of the day in the tiny car.

He watched Pop chop wood and the construction men build the deck...

He drove Pop all over the property...

and finally ended up at the playground.
I think he was bummed because it was Luke's turn to drive.

He got over it fast.

I got in some bonding time with my gal Audrey Claire. 

Luke had a rough day filled with fever, medicine, and naps on Daddy and Mommy.  You know this little dude doesn't feel good when he's at the lake and does this...

The fire place was finished while we were out there and it turned out beautiful!
  We couldn't resist decorating it with our little beauty.

Food is the center of any lake trip.
The kids normally eat outside where it's easier clean up and a better view of the lake.

Foodie #1

Foodie #2

Foodie #3
Ben was very into Pop all weekend long.  He was constantly looking around checking where Pop was and would grin from ear to ear once he would find him.  So precious! 

Bedtime can be pretty crazy out at the lake.  

Will reading to his favorite tiny men.  The lake always wears these two out and they go right to sleep.
I am sure they dreamed about their next trip out to the lake...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I heart wheels!

Why is Benjamin so happy? 
He LOVES wheels! Wheels?! Yes. Wheels.

Last week we headed to McKinney to spend some time with Auntie E, Tula, and the cousins. We thought the kids would enjoy the mall's awesome indoor play area. While Luke jumped and skipped around the nice big playground with all the other kids...

My little engineer headed straight for the exit and preceded to play with every single stroller.  I kept picking him up and taking him back into the play area but before I could take another breathe he was back at it again.  I finally gave in and watched him examine every (disgusting) inch of every (gross) stroller.

He was in heaven. 

A gallon of hand sanitizer later... the kids were ready for some food!
Luke enjoyed a cone...

Audrey wondered where hers was...

and Benjamin was just happy to be eating.  
I love that he is such a great eater.  I always say that I might have to get a part-time job someday to support Ben's appetite once he is a teenager.
We had so much fun being in McKinney with some of our favorite people.

Benjamin had his pictures taken yesterday and while we were waiting I snapped a few of him playing. 

Love the concentration. 

Uncle Rett came over for a sleepover this week.  We are in his territory for work and it worked out nicely for a visit. Benjamin is so proud of his Medical Sales Uncle!  

I love this last picture.
1. He is smiling. :)
2. The truck.  Ben has 100 trucks and half of them are on their side like this.  This kid loves wheels.
3. The tiny dog.  He LOVES this dog.  He puts in the back of his trucks, it drives the trucks, and frequently is in his mouth while crawling.
So precious.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For Sale!

This past weeks pictures are very random but cute none the less. 
We have been pretty busy in the Schmid house.  Saturday a "For Sale" sign was put in our front yard and we are so excited to see what the next chapter of our lives will bring.  We are praying for a cute new family to come buy the house we have become a family in.  We have been busy, busy getting our house in order! 
Benjamin, of course, is clueless. :)

Benjamin has been "helping" with the chores around the house.  For some reason he insists on wearing hats all weekend long.  I think he sees Will wearing them... precious.  

My dear friend Stephanie took Monday off to come spend the day with Benjamin.
Who knew a walk and pizza could be so much fun? Stephanie is so special to me and I love knowing my children will have her in their lives.

Tula also came to visit last week.  She was going through Benjamin withdrawals (I think it had been a week. ha!) and needed a fix.  After lunch I came outside to find this picture.  I love the placement of his hand.  
My favorite lady and my favorite little man. 

Story time with Daddy.  Thanks Memaw for the Abby book, it has been a huge hit!!

 In an effort to cleanse my house to become buyer friendly, I came across some bubbles from my wedding reception.  Who knew bubbles could live for 3 years?  They have proved to be quite the entertainment.  Benjamin loves to pop and chase them all around the house.

Here he is being cute on the way to dinner Saturday night.

After church on Sunday the wind was going crazy.  We rolled the windows down and Benjamin loved it!  His hair was going crazy and he couldn't believe it was standing straight up.  He laughed and laughed.  I think  I might have been crying taking this picture.  Tears of joy watching my little baby loving life... there is no better feeling!

I had my blood taken last week and brought my right-hand man with me.  He was so good!  The nurse looked down at him and said, "He sure is adorable but where the heck are his teeth!?" haha. 
Don't worry, his baby dentures are ordered and will be delivered next week.

Benjamin loves to 'share' any food you might be eating.  I am a huge fan of cereal and eat at least two bowls a day.  The second he hears the rustle of a cereal bag he hurries to the kitchen to make sure he gets his share.  I think I might have another cereal lover in the family.