Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Pepaw

 My sweet Pepaw went home to be with the Lord on June 22, 2012.  He was a young 73 years old.  In January of 2007, he had a massive stroke and has been pretty much bed ridden for the past 5 and a half years.  Prior to the stroke he was full of life, walking several miles a day, and just as goofy as can be.  We are so thankful that he is at peace now and no longer suffering, but it has been hard for everyone, as he was such a light in all of our lives. 
Two days before he passed, my sister and I were able to say our final good bye to our sweet Pepaw. It will be a memory I will carry for the rest of my life. He said our names, said "I love you," and squeezed our hands with his strong right arm. There was laughter and there was tears.  He was very anxious majority of our stay and Amanda suggested I sing to him. I started to sing "It is Well With My Soul" and he instantly calmed and closed his eyes. I captured this picture of him holding my hand and I will treasure it forever. 
On Monday we traveled to Austin for his funeral and it couldn't have gone better.  It was a beautiful service where he was truly honored, and I got a chance to see a hint of all the lives he touched.  His best friend of 60 years, Ronnie, went down the list and said one line that Pepaw would have used to describe us. "Ebbie said Allison was just like him but smarter." I felt so proud, so touched.  It was exactly what my heart needed to hear.  My mother, Aunt, and all six grandchildren also gave part of the eulogy, and I would like to share my part.

Wow, this is just incredible to look out and see how many people’s lives my Pepaw touched.  This is such a testament to his character and life. I know he is loving all this attention watching us above. If you were to ask my cousins and siblings behind me who my Pepaw’s favorite was, we would all individually say ourselves. That is how our Pepaw loved – effortlessly, fiercely, and whole-heartily.  He made you feel adored, he made you feel special, he made you feel like you were worthy of anything. Other than my Daddy, he was my first love. The past 5 years of his life will not be what I remember about him.  He was more than just a stroke.  I will remember him as the man who called me ‘his turkey,’ the man who would run 8 miles, come home soaked, and still want a sweaty morning kiss, the man who taught me how to throw a spiral, the man who would hug you just a little too hard, the man who loved to sing, the man who loved John Wayne, the man who took us to Sea World and made us all wear yellow shirts so we wouldn't get lost (Amanda and I were teenagers), he was the man who would give 23 Christmas gifts and still think it wasn't enough, and the man who showed me the discipline of faith. I am very grateful and humbled to have called him mine. He was such blessing and I'm really going to miss him.  I love you Pepaw... your Turkey will see you again someday.  

"It is well, with my soul,
It is well, it is well, with my soul."

 You were so adored Pepaw! Out of all the speeches said on Tuesday, one line stood out from John Brazil's,
"Friends were dear to Ebbie, but family was supreme."  
I promise your legacy will live on ...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Knochel Lake Trip

This past weekend we had a Gibson/Knochel lake trip. I guess I was enjoying Knochel company a little too much because I failed to take any pictures the entire weekend.  Thanks Amanda and Jocelyn for letting me mooch!
We had so much fun... there was kid-free father/daughter boat rides that resulted in a floating the lake session,  there was tons of yummy food (ex: home-aide hummus with mounds of fresh veggies), there was tons of adorable kid watching, and there was lots of catching up with sweet friends. 
Pool activity.
If a truck is near you will find this child.
 Audrey fell out of a big chair but still managed to look precious .
The 'older' kids loved playing with frogs and dressing up like pirates. 
I think he was just told to walk the plank.
The only picture of the entire weekend involving adults.  
Thanks Knochel family for coming out to the lake! It was so fun to share our little piece of heaven and watch all our babes play! I hope we can do it again soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Apartment Living!

Apartment living is different than house living when you have a one year old.  
Your couch is turned into a playground, your bed a trampoline, and your bath a mini pool.  Benjamin's world got a lot smaller in the past month and we have had to be pretty creative.  
The following picture flush is a mixture of our little cutie doing cute things.
I love sunglasses.
Just catching up on Consumer Reports...
So sleepy.
Our poor Hank is going through yard withdraws.  We make sure to take him out as much as we can.  Benjamin is very into 'holding' the leash himself. So cute.

In our old house we weren't very close to anything - grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, ect.  We are loving being near EVERYTHING!! Benjamin is really enjoying the fun fast food places we are near!

Last week we had over a few church friends to enjoy our apartment pool.  Ben doesn't look excited in this picture but he really did love swimming that day.

He has also gotten lots of good sleep time in.  It is so fun to see what traits your children inherit from you and your husband.  Will is known to be a heat box and it looks like his son is following in his footsteps.  I had to document his sweat head after a morning nap.
Like father, like son. :)

Last week we headed to Mckinney to see our sweet Memaw while she was in town.  I could just kick myself for not getting any pictures of her. Boo Ali.  We all met at the mall for some fun in their jungle gym area which happened to be closed for a whole two months for reconstruction.  (I mean, does it really take two months to change/clean a jungle gym. Sounds like someone is being lazy to me...)  Needless to say, Luke was devastated. It was kinda sad but kinda hilarious all wrapped up into one. :)

Tula came to the rescue and took him to Build A Bear. Can you say spoiled? 
It was so cute to see him create his bear and fall in love with it instantly. 


 The tiny jungle gym had long been forgotten and to make things even better Tula bought us all tickets to ride the carousel. 

Benjamin wasn't to sure about the horses this time around.

 Before heading back to our apartment life in NRH, we met the family for dinner to celebrate our Molly's high school graduation.  Benjamin swatted away her kisses but I know he has a deep love for his beautiful Molly. 

Benjamin had a great time eating everything in sight and made a huge mess of his shirt.   He loved sitting next to Aunt Amanda because she gave him food his tiny tooth normally doesn't get to eat.  

Uncle Todd has already signed him up for Todd Dodge Camp 2022.  Will and I are hoping for a scholarship so get on it Uncle Todd! :)

After dinner we were reunited with Daddy which meant lots of 'throw Ben on the bed' time.  This is literally his favorite thing to do in the apt.

1, 2, 3....

 Well that's what our life is looking like these days!
Even though this mama will be glad to be back in a house and have a yard... 
Benjamin loves it and can't stop thanking me with kisses...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Day of School!

Benjamin went to his first day of Parents Day Out today and it was a success!
He will be going every Tuesday for the summer school session through July.  We are excited for him to spend some time with his peers on a weekly basis and learn lots of fun new stuff.  I dropped him off this morning and picked him (wearing an outfit I had never seen before) up at 2:30.  He was happily playing and seemed to be having a great time!   

He made all A's on his daily report card. 

 Will and I so blessed to have this little munchkin in our lives!