Sunday, July 26, 2015

1 Month!

 Last Sunday our little Isaac turned 1 month!
Someday this Army hat will fit.
Isaac by FAR is our best baby.  I wouldn't say he is the easiest but to us he is! :) 
Isaac is an eating champ still chugging 4 oz every 2 1/2 - 3 hours.  He has yet to give me a stretch longer than 3 hours at night.  He ofter wakes up an hour after a feed and needs me for something.  He is still sleeping in our room since his night time sleep is still pretty wheels off. :) We will probably try to move him upstairs soon and hope for the best.  He isn't the best napper and has had some gas/tummy issues.  All of that being said, he is precious! He hardly cries for no reason, is super calm when his crazy siblings/cousins want to hold/poke him, and burps like a champ.  Everyday his looks are changing and seems to be looking more like his siblings. 
 Over the month Will and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary with a romantic chicken nugget dinner.
 We have done tons of swimming at Tula's.  The second these kiddos jumped in the red cardinal in the corner watched them for a good 5 minutes.  Love God winks - sure do miss my precious Pepaw.  He would of loved all these babies.
 Oh to dream.
 Anyone with more than one kid knows after a baby life goes on pretty quickly.  We have been busy, busy this past month.
These two loved church camp.  This was Rebecca's first time to join in on the fun and she LOVEED it.
 These 3 joined me when I needed to get my blood taken.  I hate having Crohns but love how my kids are exposed to seeing me (and Will) handle something challenging.  Benjamin 'helps' me with my shots, and hopefully learning how to be tough and faithful even with the bad things.
 Stay in paci, stay in.
 Do these count as her first pigtails?!
 Will we ever get our bed back?
 "Minnie" Fish.
 My little 'helper'
This month she has brushed his teeth with her used toothbrush, and was almost successful with a q-tip to his ear.  I love how much ownership she has on him but have keep a super close eye on her.
 Rebecca got her new school nap mat and is obsessed.
 Sleeping Beauty with her nap mat in her bed. 
This girl loves mermaids.
 We celebrated Tula's birthday with a pool party. 
For Tula's birthday she got the kids these adorable towels.  Funny how she got them gifts on her birthday... ha.
 If looks could kill.

 Uncle G was in town for the fun
These two are in love.
 Everyone needs a Tula in their lives.  You can't have ours though... she is pretty special.
 Memaw was also in town.  I left Will with all 3 for the first time and enjoyed a yummy dinner down on the square.
 Eyes open everyday and she wants a princess dress on.

These two. 
 "Here Benjamin, hold this."
 First time going to church.
 "Isaac this is YOUR bed.  You will love it.  Sleep longer than two hours and it will make Mommy so so happy."
 Big. Middle. Little.
 I can't wait to watch Isaac grow this next month!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Week Of 2s

Last week was a big week of 2s in our house. Isaac turned 2 weeks and Rebecca turned 2!
 The first night home with just one kid. 

 LOTS of helping hands around here.

 This little one takes the prize for "most helpful."  
You have to watch her like a hawk!
 This little one has become superrrr 'helpful' the last day.  She finally noticed him and wants to be wherever he is.
 The first week home Will and I were blessed with lots of help from our parents.
Benjamin spent Monday - Friday with Boots and Miss E.  Before he got picked up (Isaac was 3 days old) we went to breakfast at Donut Kitchen.
 Rebecca was in isolation for the week with Tula and Pop with Hand, Foot, Mouth.
 We had supervised visits throughout the week with my mom.  We would switch off watching them so I could get some Mommy/Rebecca time in.
You forget how often these little newborns sleep!

 When it rains, it pours.
 The first night with all 3 I snapped this.
Classic.  Benjamin giggling while the little 2 are screaming.  Will and I were very 'big eyed' that night... haha. We have a lot of kids!
 It may of led me to this. :)
 The next day Rebecca turned 2!!
 She opened some gifts.
 And we went for a bday swim at Tula and Pop's.
First time all 3 in the car.
 The first week solo went great.  So far this transition has been my easiest.  What is one more right?!
Don't get me wrong - we had our moments of stress but overall the kids have adjusted well. Life goes on. :)
 First bath with lots of help. So relaxing. :)
 Park with Aunt Amanda.
 My sister has helped me ton with Benjamin.  She is a rock star and I am SOO blessed to have her!
 Thank you Tula for the million Lego men that have provided hours of Benjamin entertainment.
After karate bonding time.
 On Isaac's 2 week bday we went to the lake for the fourth and had a blast!


 My mom bought a Wobble for the kids to play with.  She threw it in the pool and immediately Benjamin disappeared.  5 minutes later he returns with the instructions telling us the rules state it is NOT allowed in the pool.
I love this picture of my little rule follower with the ball in the back.  We were cracking up!!

 Rebecca loves her Uncle Brian.
 Pregnant together.
 They are all here!
Kisses for Willow.
 Being a big sister is fun.
 Coffee IV please!?!
 LOVE him.

 What are we doing brother?
 Will and I are exhausted but feel so so complete.  We are cherishing this precious last time with a tiny baby that wakes us up at all hours of the night, spits up on us, and has become one of our greatest blessings.
 You know you have a newborn when you find this... 
He is the BEST Daddy.  I hit the jackpot with this one.
 The kids had their 2 week and 2 year check ups together. 
Isaac is 8 lbs 13 ozs (75%), 21 1/2 inches long (95%), and his head is 14 1/2 inches big (90%).  He was back to his birth weight so we are happy!
Rebecca is 27 lbs 3 oz (50-75%), 35 inches (90%), and her head is 19 1/4 inches big (90%).  She is right on track for all areas of development.
 We are loving life with our girl.
She is sassy, independent, head strong, beautiful, bright, helpful, and keep us on our toes.
Rebecca loves all dairy, sweets, carbs, and fruit.  She only has 10 teeth so we are waiting for a lot more to come in.  Her hair is still pretty short but is slowly coming in very blonde.  She loves her toes painted pink, and insists on everything being pink.  She is very, very girly!  She loves dress-up, puzzles, Elmo, Books!, baby dolls, and her brothers. Rebecca is a tough one to crack.  She doesn't just run up and hug anyone.  She LOVES her family though! Rebecca loves going to the 'store' and loves to swim.  She seems more fearless than her older brother who tends to be cautious.  She loves "pretty dresses" and helps me pick one out the second I grab her from her crib.  "I want" is her favorite thing to yell at me all day. :) 
Rebecca takes one nap a day that last for about an hour.  She gets put in her bed at 7 every night, plays with her babies and reads to them for an hour and is down by 8.  She wakes up at 5:50 every morning but we don't get her until 6:30.  She isn't a big sleeper and takes after her Tula in this area.
 We just adore her and can't wait what this year will bring!