Saturday, September 28, 2013

3 Months!

Our girl is 3 months today!! 
We did our monthly photo shoot today and I could NOT get a smile out of our normally jolly girl.  We are in the middle of her 3 month grow spurt and she has been fussier than normal.
Loves: her hands!, her pacifier when she is trying to go to bed, listening to anyone talk, smiling at anyone talking to her, just started watching Benjamin play, being outside, baths, watching her mobile, the fan, cartoons when Benjamin is (her focus is crazy good), being swaddled
Not a fan of: having her clothes/diaper changed, taking her medicine, the car 

Rebecca is still proving to be a great baby and is brings so much joy to our lives!  She is eating every three hours during the day and takes 4 naps that are typically around an hour long.  I try super hard to stretch her bedtime to 7 but most night she is fed at 6 and in her crib around 6:30.  She plays and is asleep around 7, up around 1, 4, and then 7.  Rarely do I feed her in the middle of the night and she is asleep right after.  She can be up from 30 minutes - 2 hours every time I feed her. She is still super social and loves to party in the middle of the night.  She will be whining in her crib and hear me come in the room and smiles until she sees me. She gets very sad that I am not in the party mood and she needs to go nigh nigh. :)  At 4 am this morning Will went to put her pacifier in and she wouldn't stop grinning at him. Hopefully this next month our nights will get a little better and she will stop thinking night time is fun and go to sleep! 
Pop has given each grand baby nicknames - Luke = Shark Bait (Loved the movie Nemo), Benjamin = Scooter (sounds great with Schmid, Scooter Schmid and also took him FOREVER to walk so he scooted a long time), Audrey = Cricket (her legs looked like cricket legs when she was born...
Rebecca was named Bizzy at the hospital.  I told my Dad that it was too early to call her Bizzy and he insisted it would match her personality... boy was he right!! She is Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy all day and night long!
Luckily I have back up to prove that normally she is a happy little gal.

 She loves to fight sleeping.
 Tummy time is very different this time around.  Benjamin took FOREVER to roll over so I figured Rebecca would be the same way.  Majority of the time her tummy time last 20 seconds because she is quick to roll.  She has been doing this since she was around a month old!
 Crazy mom face, cute baby bubble face.
  This month Rebecca got a new friend...
 She waited patiently at the hospital waiting for her to arrive... 
 Rebecca and her besties- Savannah Kate and Audrey Claire.
 The New Gang.
(This was the best one!)
 Month 3 has been a great one with this doll!
Baby goals for next month - Sleeping better at night, weaning from the swaddle, and napping longer than 45 minutes during the day.
We sure do love our life with our Rebecca!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Savannah Kate Gahan

Our family welcomed another beautiful child into the world.
Savannah Kate Gahan was born Monday morning and weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces.
She was so beautiful her Daddy passed out in the OR room - a true knock out. :)
Welcome to the family sweet girl!! 

Daily Happenings
Will started school and the studying has begun! He is going back to get a double major in Petroleum Engineering and we are already so proud of him. 
Kyle Chapman was born and Rebecca couldn't be more thrilled to have another friend.
Fire station fun.

Benjamin spent a couple of night at Miss E and Boots house and had a blast!
Rebecca and I enjoyed some girl time while he was gone.
Brunch with the girls.

Nosy neighbor.
(They have a black lab that Benjamin loves to watch play.)
We love seeing golfers from our backyard... especially when they are Rett and Pop!
Enjoying some of the last summer days in our hot backyard...
 playing in little to no clothes...

learning how to play baseball...

a little more spying...
and sucking down a million Popsicles. :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013


My brother is officially married!  Wow, that is totally crazy!  He and Ashley got married this past weekend, and it could not have gone better.  It was such a joyful day filled with love, laughter and fun!  They are a wonderful couple, and Rett has truly found his match in Ashley.  She is so easy to add to the family, and we all couldn't be more excited! We hit the jack pot with her!! 
  Here was the kick off.... The Bridal shower at Gather in downtown McKinney.  It was a cute little tea house and my mom's friends did an awesome job hosting. 

The next event was a couples shower thrown by one of Ashley's friends.  It was a backyard bash in August that could have been sweltering, but the Lord blessed us with an awesome breezy night!  It was so much fun.  Any black and white photo you see, was taken by one of the bridesmaids husband.  She is the dark haired one (Lisa), and her husband, Denmark, is an awesome photographer.  Thanks for the pics!

This past weekend was so much fun! Here are pics from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.   Father Kelly has now married 3 out of 4 Gibson children!  We love him and are so blessed by this. 

Benjamin missed out on Friday's festivities but was very excited for a 'real' high school babysitter to come watch him.

Rehearsal Dinner at Cru Wine Bar.  My mom did a great job, it was so much fun!

I was not very good at getting pics the day of the wedding, but I am sure there will be plenty to choose from when we see what the photographer did!  Here is a little sneak peak of the day. 

The guys golfed that morning and I snapped a few pics while Benjamin and I were playing outside.

While the men were being active the girls were watching movies and getting our eat on.

After getting ready we took a limo to take pictures.  Audrey was able to ride with us and wanted to snuggle the whole time... I didn't mind. :)

Crazy to think one day my little boy will be a groom. (tear)

It was truly a magical night, and one we will never forget.  My brother decided he wanted to wear my Pepaw's wedding ring as his own, and it was so special seeing that ring on his finger.  Pepaw was definitely there in spirit.  Welcome to our crazy family, Ashley!  Here's to a marriage filled with many blessings!