Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2 Months!

My little darling is 2 months old!
This time last month my days were filled with tears, doctor's appointments, sleepless (crying) nights, and a very sick baby. This month has been filled with smiles, lots of playing, sleepless (but happy!) nights, and a healthy baby. 
(2 month doctor appointment is next week so I will post stats then)
Loves: being talked to, baths, eating, having lotion put on by her brother, staring a fans, being swaddled with her hands up, watching anything in front of her (tv, mobile, play mat)
Not a fan of: having her clothes/diaper changed, taking her medicine, the car 

Rebecca is a very joyful child! She only cries for a reason and it can typically be fixed.  This is very new to me because her brother would cry and cry for no reason.  She wakes up everyday with a smile, eats, plays for about an hour, and then is ready to be put back down. She typically eats every 3 hours during the day and gives me a longer stretch at night.  Rebecca isn't the best night sleeper (Ben was a rock star night sleeper at this age!) and rarely gives me longer than a 5 hour stretch. She is still pretty inconsistent especially at night.  We try to have her fed and down by 10 and she is up anywhere from 1-4 and then 6-8.  Sometimes she goes right back to sleep after I fed her and sometimes plays/cries for an hour - once again every night is different. Good thing she is so cute. :)
The start of month two was pretty brutal still.  We were trying to get her reflux under control and playing around with her meds. 
Luke was very helpful and surrounded her with 'friends to make her happy.'
Slowly but surly her meds started to kick in...
 I was able to find random things to sooth her.
First random object- a toy vacuum at Elizabeth's house that we ended up taking home with us and she slept with for a few days.
 Then super meds kicked in and our girl was a completely different baby!
(Thank you Jesus!) 
 Rebecca was able to enjoy baths...
 listen to anyone who would talk...

have sweet dreams...
 and finally get all dolled up!
 The first two months have been challenging but super rewarding. I fall more in love with Rebecca everyday and am filled with joy anytime I see that gummy grin!!
Here are my two babies at 2 months old - crazy how much they look alike!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Photo Flush

Prepare for a photo flush.
Earlier this month was Will's birthday.  My Dad took him and Brian golfing to celebrate the occasion.  We live on the first hole so I snapped a shot of them right before they started. 
Benjamin and I baked him his favorite German chocolate cake...
Rebecca had so much fun singing. :)
New gym flooring for his bday.

Random pics.

Life with a newborn = lots of sleepless nights.
My sweet girl all swaddled up.
Senior yearbook photo?

Benjamin and Luke's favorite thing to do ALLLL the time... wrestle. 

This weekend the boys were away at the lake for Rett's bachelor party so the girls headed to Tula's house. 
Tula lives miles away, already has tons of baby stuff, and I still have to bring all this gear.

Rebecca did some damage at her first mall trip.
What a ham.

After swimming one night the kids were entertained by "Tula's Dance Party"

Visitors this month...
My precious friend Mary.
Fun Megan.
Stylish Amy.
Aunt Lindy, Ellen, and Aunt Betty traveled to Mckinney to meet Rebecca.
We always love seeing them!
Love this sweet photo of the oldest and youngest Schmid women.
Love this sweet photo of the oldest and youngest Schmid women. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Rebecca's announcement turned out to be pretty adorable.  Amanda and I set up a photo shoot on my bed when she was a week old and I was super pleased with its success. 
Shout out to Amanda for being the photographer/editor and Ashley for taking the time to edit them too.

Luke, Audrey, and Benjamin were running around my room like crazy covered in stickers and sweaty.  I told Benjamin to hop up on the bed and kiss his sister.  I never would of thought Amanda would be able to capture this sweet picture. Go Amanda!