Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bizzy Turns 2!

Happy Birthday to this little firecracker! 
 Two weeks ago we celebrated her a little early since baby Isaac was due any second.
 She was super excited to see all the bees around the house.
 Rebecca was overwelmed once her guests arrived and was held by her Daddy for a while.
 She was unimpressed with majority of her gifts. ha.

 Perked up with the piggie.

 She then moved on to being unimpressed by her delicious lunch and cake.
 Benjamin was sad Audrey jumped in a blew the candle out.  That's what happens when you come from a big family! :) Later on we let him blow out a candle on his own.

 Once the attention was off of her she relaxed and enjoyed playing with her new toys.
 Rebecca loved watching the other kids hit the pinata.

 Benjamin was super concerned they weren't following the rules.
 I know Rebecca felt so loved at her Bizzy Bee party.
We go to the doctor this Tuesday so I will post stats later.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Puzzle is Complete!

 Isaac Gibson Schmid is here!
 June 19th at 12:18
8 pounds 11 ounzes
21 inches long
Our puzzle is complete!
Isaac means child of laughter.  He has already brought so much joy to our lives in the short 6 days of his life.
  Picture flush of the day...
What would I do without my mama? :)

 No better feeling. 
  Dr. Halderman delivered 5/6 of the Gibson grandkids.  So special.
 His giant foot barely fit.
 I think my Dad was going on and on about his size.
  Will with one of sons.
 Later on the kids came up to meet their new little brother.  Even in the car ride up to the hospital Benjamin was convinced mommy had a girl.  I was a little nervous he was going to be mad.
 I was wrong... he fell in love with him instantly and wouldn't stop giggling.
 Rebecca was more into me. :)

 My whole heart.  God is SO SO good.

Isaac brought the kids gifts.  Rebecca got a new mermaid swim doll.
 Benjamin a new transformer. 
How did Isaac know what they would want?!

 Tula and Pop
Isaac looks just like my Dad by the way.  Love genetics. :)
My parents have been rock stars this week.  Rebecca got hand, foot, mouth the next day and they have had her since.  She is bit of a handful these days and I am so grateful they are willing to help in anyway.  My kids are SO blessed!! (and so am I!)
 After my kids met him the next group was waiting to come in. You would of thought it was their new baby brother they were so excited. 

 Tula tradition. 
Singing "Happy Birthday" to our newest blessing.
 Thank you Aunt Amanda....
 and Uncle Brian for watching the kids for two nights.  Uncle Brian even picked Benjamin up from VBS.  So thankful to be surrounded by family who have servants hearts.  My kids just adore them both!
 The Guys.
Benjamin is already talking about Isaac sleeping on his bottom bunk and him on the top. So precious.
 This little lady is super into Ike.  I think we have Facetimed everyday since he has been born so she can see him.

 The little caboose being watched over carefully.
 Let the adventures begin...