Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9 Months!

Guess who is 9 months old!?
9 month birthday kiss from Hank!
This morning we went to the doctor for Benjamin's 9 month check up. He did great and enjoyed playing in his diaper waiting for Dr. McGee to come in. He is 21 pounds (50%), 30 inches long (90%) and his head falls in the 50%. 9 Month Facts: Wears 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers - Holds a sippy cup - Can pick up a tiny crumb - Still no teeth (even though he has been showing signs of teething for a while now) - Says 'mama' when he wants me - Gives kisses - Claps - Loves reading and turning pages - Turns his favorite toys back on when they stop playing music - Loves to sing.
Benjamin has started closing his eyes whenever he sees my camera.
I think I might be taking too many pictures of him? :)
Camera Face.
He loves his Daddy so much!
Benjamin loves swinging outside and watching Hank run around the yard.
Bath time is still a favorite time of the day.
Benjamin loves playing and kissing the 'baby' in the mirror.
This little man could eat ALL day!
This past weekend we all headed out to the lake for his 9 month birthday.
Benjamin just loves it out there.
He enjoyed coffee on the porch.
Spent many hours watching Luke play, eat, run, jump... heck anything.
Played some peek-a-boo.
Killed lots of time on his favorite swing.
Luke enjoyed a little spider action on the swing with his Aunt Ali.
What a life!
A picnic on the porch with his best bud.
After a long day of fun the boys ended it with a cousin bath.
I think this picture is so funny. There was so much activity and noise in such a small space!
My sweet Benjamin, what a sweet age you are at.
I am enjoying every minute, every day, and every moment with you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

A lot of activity went down this weekend.
These guys...
... and these guys, lived it up Vegas style for Grant's 21st birthday.
The boys had so much fun staying in the pent house suite at Bill's, losing money to the blackjack tables, eating good food, shared some laughs at a comedy show and many memories over a few drinks.

While the boys were away the ladies tended to the children.

Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 3. We had so much fun going to the park, playing trucks, reading books, and eating yummy Tula food. With three kids there was always something to do. We even did a Halloween costume photo shoot that turned out precious. (stay tuned for those pictures) My mom spoiled my sister and I with a DSW shopping trip that didn't include kids, but did include her credit card. :) Even though we weren't on a 'vacation', my mom did such an amazing job making the weekend special. I left her house yesterday feeling refreshed, loved, full (haha) and SO blessed. Thanks mom!
Luke and Benjamin are so fun to watch! Each day ended with a cousin bubble bath filled with lots of laughs and splashing.
I couldn't resist the double Mohawk.
(I will take a quick moment for some cheese.)
Four years ago today I went on my last first date with this hunk of a man.
Time sure does fly.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catch Up

Two weekends ago, Benjamin and I ventured to Mckinney for some Tula & Pop time. Will was having fun hunting while we were playing in Mckinney.
This isn't the best picture of my kid but I love Luke in it. He just adores Benjamin (we all know Benjamin LOVES Luke).
Benjamin looks like he needs a little tan. :)
Amanda and I attempted going on a walk with all three kids. This was the first time we have been outnumbered. When I took this picture Benjamin and Audrey were both fussing. Two seconds later Luke joined in on the fake crying. It was quite comical but ended up being a successful trip the park.
Later in the day while Benjamin was sleeping, I took Luke out for some special Aunt Ali time. Who knew a 99 cent ice cream could be so exciting?
I love with my precious niece.
Audrey asks my sister everyday to wear her favorite shirt.
I miss her already!
Benjamin has started getting some table food. He has really enjoyed playing with it rather than eating.
We are very big into to reading these days. Benjamin LOVES to turn the pages and gets very upset when there aren't any pages left to turn. I have started leaving a book in his bed so he can play with it when he wakes up.
Today he feel asleep like this... so sweet.