Friday, April 24, 2015


We had a blessed Easter season this year!
 The egg hunts kicked off at school.  The kids were so excited to get their hunt on!

Benjamin and his little classmates about to start.

 Hunting is serious business.
 The Lion Class.
Benjamin is the only one in his class this year that is the oldest sibling in his family.  The other nine are the babies in their families.
 We had a great time decorating eggs.
 Uncle G happened to be over to get in on the action.

 Rebecca was terrible and wanted nothing to do with egg decorating.  She wanted to be outside the whole time.
 She loves Uncle G!
 The day before Easter we headed to Fort Worth for Rivercrest's annual hunt and lunch.
 The kids opened presents before heading to the club.  Rebecca loved spending time with Geeb.
 Benjamin had a blast!
 Rebecca wasn't feeling the hunt and only wanted her Daddy to hold her.

 Miss E had backup in her purse.  She dropped eggs for Benjamin after the hunt was over.
 Rebecca became fast friends with the bunny.  This picture cracks me up - her posing with another family.

 She was obsessed with the bunny.
 After the hunt the kids enjoyed riding horses. 

 The loved the petting zoo.
 We later ate a delicious lunch inside.
 After all our fun in Fort Worth, we headed to our church for their evening service and egg hunt.  Benjamin was thrilled to see the rock had been moved out from his classroom's door.  We love our church and the ministry it provides for our children.
 Family selfie waiting for the egg hunt to start.  Sadly this is the ONLY picture I got of us four the entire weekend.
 Pretty little thing.

The race was on.

 Rebecca was pleased with her one egg.
 After a good night sleep, the kids woke up to their baskets full with goodies from the Easter bunny.
 Transformers were a hit.

 We are very big into 'countdowns' in our house.  Instead of Benjamin asking me every second when Easter was,  he was able to cross off days each morning.  He couldn't wait to get down the 0.
 Rebecca loved all her goodies too.

The Princess gang was her favorite.
 The weather was yucky out so the Easter bunny hid all the eggs in the house.

 Making our resurrection rolls for breakfast.
 Rebecca was a great helper.
 Nothing like a yummy Easter breakfast with transformers as a center piece. After I snapped this we put the toys away and tried to really focus on the whole reason for Easter.
 After breakfast I left Will at home to get some studying done and headed to my parents.  Rebecca LOVES doing puzzles with her Pop.
 We fed the little girls first so we could enjoy Tula's yummy meal while they napped.
 I love this picture.  I was trying to get everyone to look at me and Audrey was the only one paying attention.
 Close up.  Could see be any cuter!?
 Best I got of the gang.
 Tula made a lamb cake to symbolize the Lamb of God.  The kids just loved it!!

 She always makes things so special for everyone.
 After lunch the weather had cleared up a bit.  We had a great time watching the kids crack their confetti eggs.

 Sweet little thing.
 Rebecca has a crying theme going on in this post.  Just keeping it real people.

 We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We are SOOO blessed to be loved by a big God who gave His son for us.  I pray my kids will someday really understand the meaning of Easter.  
Tiny Elsa dreaming after a long day of fun.