Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday!

 Happy Birthday to our precious, precious Rebecca!!
(Tomorrow is really her birthday but we will be on the road headed to Rosemary Beach for a week of fun in the sun.)
 One year ago today we became a family.
 I remember holding her in my arms and just thanking God for the gift of motherhood, the gift of Rebecca.

 The year has flown and she has grown!
 Just keeping it real.  
Reflux is not your friend.
 Yeah, she got put on meds!

Sat up for the first time Christmas day!

She had just gotten her helmet.  You can see the red where it was rubbing the first few days.

Rebecca is spunky, strong-willed, social, loves attention, eats like a champ, and LOVES to dance!
She is a dream come true!
Of course our dancing queen decided to take a dance break mid photo session.
It true Rebecca style she got her dance on.

We go to the doctor when we get back from the beach so I will do a more in depth 1 year post then!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rebecca Celebrations!

 A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Rebecca by baptizing her and then having her 1st birthday.
Here is my crew outside of the church.
 Rebecca's godparents are Grant and Ashley. 
 I wished the pastor would have put more emphasis on them during the baptism.  
He didn't, so now I will...
Grant is lovable, SO fun, creative, loves the smallest of God's creatures, loyal, and will show Rebecca how a man should treat her.  Ashely is strong, faithful, full of wisdom, a place Rebecca will feel safe, and a place she can find great advice.  Both are two of my favorite people that I have learned a ton from and inspire me daily.  Rebecca already lights up when she sees Grant walk in a room and is memorized by Ashley when she is near her.
It was only fitting she wear my mom's baptism dress.
 Love her.

 Lots of family came to celebrate our girl.
We were so glad the Davis's could attend.
 Rebecca's BFF
 My whole heart in one photo.
 I love how she is looking at Aunt Ashley.

 We pray this child has a heart for Jesus.

The Schmid Side

 The Gibson Side
 After a quick outfit change we headed over to The Original for some yummy food.  Since everyone was already together I decided to join the two events.

 I thought it would be special to order her cake at the bakery Will grew up getting his cakes at.  They always make the best tasting cakes. I called ahead and told them via phone what I wanted...
This is what it looked like.
Will and I were laughing at the "Rebecca" "1".  In the words of Elsa I was trying so hard to "Let It Go" but I just couldn't.  My sweet mom went to the store and got some things so I could jazz it up.
A little more whimsical and colorful. :)
 These two were cracking me up.
  They literally stalked the cake for a good 30 minutes.
  Benjamin claiming his piece...
 Audrey claiming hers.
 Rebecca loves her Tula.
(Note: Her party hat was way too small for her giant head so I had to add a 2 inch extension in the back. Ha!)
 All the party guests...

The kids love Grant because he basically lets them do whatever they want to him. :) 

 This child was having a blast!
 This picture is kind of blurry but it is one of my favorites from the day.  I have never seen a 1 year old have more fun at their own party.  She knew she was special that day!  Look at her face in the picture... love it!
 Daddy snuggles.
 Rebecca loved opening her gifts.
(Note: I love looking at her toes in all these pictures. They are just too precious.)
 Sweet Audrey checking out what she was going to open next.
 What a great picture of Boots and Rebecca.
 She made sure she read all her cards.
 Checking out her brother's new toy.
 She got her first baby dolls and loves loving on them.  Tula showed her how to love them.  

 "Happy Birthday!"
She immediately dove her hands into the cake and started eating it.

 She hated it.

 Benjamin is such a rule follower and not a fan of messes.  He was so disgusted by they way she was eating her cupcake.
 She could of cared less. :)
 Hamming it up for Uncle Brian.
 She just couldn't resist...
 The aftermath.
We got home and hosed the kids off in our baby pool.
It was a successful day.  A day I know Rebecca felt so loved and had a blast.
A year had flown by with this little water baby!
She is more than we could of ever dreamed of.
Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.