Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Months! + April Flush

 Isaac will be 11 months next week so I better get the 10 month post up!  
Right now with 3 kids I am surviving not thriving. :)
Isaac is still a smiley little guy.  He has yet to meet a food he doesn't like (expect randomly my banana muffins), loves his brother/sister, the love of his life is his Daddy followed by Tula for a close second, and screams if he can't see me at any point in the day.  Someday he will be 6'4 and everyone will see be calling him "baby Isaac."
 This is a more accurate picture of Isaac.  He is my bruiser.  He loves going after light sockets, will try to fall head first down the stairs, screams for pleasure at point in the day, will knock down end tables/chairs/lamps if given an opportunity to.  Isaac is very chunky -- even his knee caps have fat on them and I love it.
This past month has been a hard one for me.  It is challenging physically and the constant 24/7 with him has been exhausting. He is my last baby so I am really trying to soak up this baby stage. I know it is only a stage and he will be off to Kindergarten before I know it!
 He loves baths,
 growing bigger than his sister,
  and sleeping.
 Walking is in his near future.
He is so loved and I am honored to be his mama.
 April Photo Flush
Ribbon dancer fun.
  We have movie nights at our house where we go rent a movie and then the kids get to watch it while they eat a picnic dinner upstairs.  Well... Ben really wanted this dinosaur movie and we went to like 5 redbox's only to find it at Walmart.  The kids were barefoot since I hadn't prepared to get out of the car.  We fit right in at Walmart that day.
 At home date with my main man.
 I turned 31 this past month.  
I will share my birthday sundae with this guy anytime....
 now these two are a different story.
Their faces crack me up.

 Will took all 3 to the store while I stayed home and painted my nails watching Bravo.  It was wonderful.
 Bible times at school
 Car wash fun
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Rebecca.  She was SO SO excited to meet Barbie.
 Isaac is the lone baby among my friends.  All the kids love helping me take care of him.
 We got an addition put in our backyard. 

 The kids had a blast watching it go in.
 This little lady loves going outside and chatting on the couch. 
 My girl.

 Cage and Benjamin
 We are officially down to one kid in diapers!!!
 It took some convincing but she finally is diaper free!
 Fun Run at school!

 Tate's 1st birthday party!
 LOVE this picture of them.
  2 months apart.
Future linebackers right there.
 My squad.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


  Yes, Easter was over a month ago and I am just now blogging about it.
The Easter season started out with the kids school egg hunts. They had a blast!

 The weekend before Easter we headed to Fort Worth to celebrate early.  The kids were spoiled with yummy treats and Easter goodies.

 We mixed things up a little this year, and went to the lake.  It was strange not going to church on Easter Sunday, but we had our own service outside.  Luke had prepared an original song, some scripture, a magic trick that resembled Jesus disappearing from the tomb, and much more.  It was a very special Easter we will never forget.
 My mom bought this magical bunny the kids were fascinated with.  You would build it and over the hour the bunny would melt.

 Savannah dropped her pole in the lake and was devastated.  It took all 7 of us to "help" Brian find it.


 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.- John 11:25-26