Tuesday, January 19, 2016


 We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with lots of family.  We started off on Christmas Eve going to our church's children's service.  It is such a neat experience, and very geared towards the kids. 
 These two.

 First family photo attempt...
 I give up.
 That night we put cookies and milk out for Santa, threw reindeer food in our backyard, watched a fun Christmas movie, and read "The Night Before Christmas."

 Sleepy faces.
 Santa came!

 Eating the carrot the reindeer's forgot.
 Happy Birthday Jesus!
 Later that morning we headed to Fort Worth for some more Christmas fun!

 The kids loved spending time with family.
 Miss E made a yummy meal for the whole family.


 The day after Christmas we celebrated at my parents house.

We enjoyed a delicious Tula made meal!

Big and Little.

Nap time on Pop.

Rebecca was a mess during gift opening.

 This is what she did waiting for her turn to open her next gift. sigh.
 Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
"We have the same name Tula."
These two probably shouldn't sit by each other when we open gifts.

Audrey loved the shirt I found her.
On the 27th, we headed back to my parents house for the Neptune family Christmas.  We loved seeing the Dodges, and getting to hug on baby Tate.

Memaw got my mom some PJ pants, that were obviously too big!!!  It was hilarious!

We had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

6 Months! +Photo Flush

Isaac turned 6 months on December 19th! My baby is halfway through his first year of life!
He is pure joy and such a light in our lives. 
Everyone always comments how he is just the jolliest guy.
He is still taking 2 morning mini naps and 2 afternoon.  He sleeps from 7-7 at night. Isaac eats every 3 hours during the day with 1 meals of solids. He is so ready for more solids I have just been avoiding it. This week I will add another meal for my big fella.
Isaac lets anyone hold him as long as he can still see me!  He has started recognizing familiar faces and has his current favs (Other than Will and I)-- Tula, Pop, and Aunt Amanda.  He basically smiles at anyone that walks by and super easy to get a giggle out of.    
His 6 month doc appointment went great! 
Isaac weighs 20 pounds (87%), is 27 3/4 inches long (90%), and his head is 17 3/4 inches wide (92%). Love a good sibling comparison -- Rebecca weighed 16 pounds 6 ounces (50-75%), was 26 1/4 inches long (50-75%), and her head was 17 1/4 inches (90-95%!). Benjamin was 16 lbs 13 ounces (42%), his head was 17 1/8 inches (65%) and he was 29 inches long (99%).  
So for height: Benjamin, Isaac, Rebecca
Weight: Isaac (by 3 pounds!), Benjamin, Rebecca
Head: Isaac, Rebecca, Benjamin
I could just eat him up!
Them thighs though...
Has found a loyal friend in Hank.
Eating Machine.
Rolls, and Rolls, and Rolls. 
Loves to sleep on his tummy.
Random December Pictures
First nap in a big girl bed.
Loves some 'piggie buns.'
Blurry but Will and I love this picture.
Just your average Saturday night.

 The wig is used often.
They are either fighting like cats and dogs OR holding hands.
Outside fun!

Indoor winter soccer started!
Benjamin scored 2 goals his last game!
I always dreamed I would have a daughter to squeeze into tights.
She calls them her "Cinderella pants."
School is so exhausting...
Fun with friends.

Audrey is the ONLY one that calls Benjamin "benny" -- I found this written on one of his school papers.
Best bud slept over as a reward.
Grocery store run resulted in a firetruck siting.  The fireman was sweet enough to ring the bell a million times for Rebecca.
The crew.
Will. Come. Home. Now.
Angel Baby.
Having fun at Cage's birthday party.

First run for the little man.  This running stroller has served us well.
Rebecca loves her baby.
Dancing with Uncle G. One of her favorite things to do.
Aunt Ashley and Uncle Rett's Christmas gift has been a hit.  A light that turns your bath water ANY color.
Willow and Benjamin are only 10 days apart.
Up next, Christmas!