Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Catch Up Round 2

 Catch up round 2 - Random March pictures... 
One Friday Amanda took the older kids the an arcade while I stayed back with the 'babies.'

 Surprise 30th for Robbie with some of my oldest friends.
 Why? Is Daddy home yet?!
 Benjamin and I headed out for some one-on-one time while Rebecca snagged some time with this hunk.  
 Dang. You. Teeth.

Someone loves baby Harry.
 Bath fun.
 Benjamin got his top bunk for his 4th bday.  We also moved him to the back room upstairs so the new baby could move into his old room.  He was SO proud of his new digs.
 The first night he asked for a picture of 'his baby.'  I put a piece of tape on it and let him pick where to put it.  Later on I found that he had placed it right next to his pillow.  How darling is that?!
 This little lady spent one day with her Tula and comes home with a new trick.  My mom was joking around and put stickers on her face.  She now thinks this is what stickers are for.
 Golf fun with some of his favs.
 One blessed little boy.
 This child talks a big game about the 'pool.' Anytime we are in the car... 'pool?' then once we are actually at the pool she isn't too sure about it. I am sure she will be a fish eventually but for now she is a little more cautious at class.

My oldest and my youngest.
 What a good little mommy.
 Valentines Day party at school!
 Rebecca was excited to score a cookie too.
 Benjamin's true valentine is this little lady.

 That particular day I took only Audrey home with me for some special time.  The kids laid like this for a whole 5 minutes.  It was super relaxing while it lasted.
 Soccer cleats!
 First practice.
 One of these two did a no no in the tub. Sigh.
 Jelly face.
 Princess party.
February was a fast month month filled with sweet memories.  I love blogging because it lets me look back and reflect on the moments that pass by me everyday.  I have 13 more weeks of life with two and I need to be doing a better job of soaking up this sweet season of life. 
March catch up on its way...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catch Up Round 1!

 I am SO behind on blogging our everyday pictures.  Here is just JANUARY! 
Dress up has begun.

 So has the "I want what I want" phase.

Fun pudding snack at Aunt Ali's. What are you doing Miss Audrey?!
 Leo came for another visit.

 Emmy viewing party at Tula's house.
 Mocktails and cocktails.
 Aunt Amanda babysat Rebecca while I was at the doctor.  She put in her very first tinyyy pony tail.
 Snuggles with my loves.
 Fun outing with Tula and Pop.
I can always count on Pop to get in right with the kids and play.  I love that about him.
 Cousin sleepover!
 Best buds for life.
 Tiny chefs.
 Love spoiling this sweet thang.
 Her shoes crack me up in this picture.
 Park fun!
 She discovered powered donuts and love it.
 My people.

 "Brother, what the heck?!"
 One night the weather was nice enough for the kids to play in the backyard while I was cooking dinner.  I could hear them just laughing and laughing.  After 2 minutes I checked on them and found Rebecca COVERED with sand. Benjamin was quick to tell me it was all Rebecca's doing and, of course, I knew he was telling the truth.
 Rule follower v. Rebel :)
 Ready to go...
 Rebecca joined us big people at the table.
 I love the way Will is looking at her. 
 Only a Dad could pull this off.
 Why not add one more?!
 Taking a drive with Lily.
 He thought he was SO cool. 
Swim classes started for these girls.
 Rebecca has hair envy. :)
 After class Savannah always come over for lunch and a nap.  The little girls nap while one of the moms goes and gets the big kids.
 Love her.
 First picture of the 5 of us. :)
 This NEVER happens.
 Late to join the Frozen party.
 Newest lake toy!
 Pop and his gang minus one.
 Super Bowl party!
Stay tuned for February catch up!