Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He is Loved

This past weekend Ben was showered with love! A few of my mom's friends, my childhood best friend and her precious mother hosted a shindig that will go down in the books. This shower was something out of a magazine and the thought behind each detail did not go unnoticed! When I got married the love I felt from others was unreal. Now that love is being given to my child and it is overwhelming. How blessed I am. How blessed Ben is.
The very creative diaper cake Beth made for Ben! There is a wine bottle in the middle of it that I will enjoy in a few months! :)
The hostesses: Trish, Steph, Beth, Catherine and Traci. Incredible women and wonderful examples of mothers, wives and friends!
Aunt Amanda already loving on Ben!
Memaw, Aunt Amanda, Tula and GA (Great Aunt). I think these women have some spoiling in their future!
Ben's Tula and Miss E
Stephanie, Lily and Elizabeth.
The Larkin's were my surprise guests! I just love these precious friends!
On another note, I am officially 28 1/2 weeks pregnant. Ben is growing and so am I! Will insists on Hank being in every pregnancy picture...