Friday, December 23, 2011

11 Months!

11 Months old!
Getting into Hank's dog toys. Opening every cabinet in sight. Pushing kitchen chairs around. Pulling up in his crib/tables/couches. Eating. Mommy around all the time. Daddy walking in the door from work. Snacking on Cheerios. Singing along with Mommy. Saying Mom and Dada. "Talking" on the phone. Attempting to get a hold of anything electronic (cell phone/home phone/remote)
Being bored. The car. Not being able to see/touch/hear Mom. :)
Benjamin literally hyperventilates when Will walks in the door. Last week I captured this picture right as Will walked in. I love how much he adores Will!
(Note: Still NO teeth -- we love that gummy smile.)
Benjamin is still doing his 'camera face' every time he sees one. It makes it a little difficult for me to take cute pictures.
Our little man has been sick since Saturday and has proven to be a big fan of a pallet. You know a child doesn't feel good when they will stay put for longer than 5 minutes. He looks so sweet on his lion mat.
The only time I haven't heard my name this week is when I am laying right next to him. I have enjoyed LOTS of snuggle time and have felt super loved by my little man.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best aunt and sister around!!
We love you Aunt Amanda!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Baby

Benjamin survived his first experience with Santa.
Will and I would have put lots of money on the fact that our little man would go in full meltdown mode once on Santa's knee. We were cracking up because his reaction was the complete opposite. Santa put Benjamin into a hypnotic state and was unable to take his eyes off of him! We jumped, sang, jingled bells to get his attention.... nothing.
I thought his first picture with Santa turned out pretty sweet. :)
Will snapped this one with my camera. Notice me on the left trying my hardest to get Benjamin to look at the camera. Nothing was going to break that focus.
Seeing Santa makes for one sleepy boy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Our 2011 Christmas Card
Here are a few shots from our lake photo session that my mom used for her card.
The "Kids"
One of my favorite pictures EVER.
The Cousins.
Riley and Molly are such a blessing in my life. They are two of my dearest friends and I love them so much!

Monday, December 12, 2011

"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

Benjamin has missed the memo that 'it's the most wonderful time of the year.'
Our little man has had a fussy past couple of weeks (heck, life.) and we can't figure out what he wants. He literally whines/cries on and off all day long. It can make you go a little crazy! :) Benjamin does have his better days but they normally happen on the weekends when Daddy is home. As I have mentioned before, I was a baby who cried/whined all day long so I know this too shall pass.
Last week Benjamin and I headed to Aunt Amanda's for some Mckinney fun while Will was out of town for work.
Not even matching reindeer pj's from Tula could put a smile on our boy.
Haha. I think Luke was ready for us to go home!
For three days Luke would get in Benjamin's face and say, "it ok benjamin. what wrong? it ok benjamin. it ok. it ok."
Ok. Last crying photo. It is a good one though.
I mean, he can't be too upset if he pauses to put a cheerio in.
We did have moments of happiness in Mckinney and Benjamin enjoyed interacting with his best bud Luke. Tula bought Luke a huge gingerbread house and the boys LOVED playing in it.
Miss Audrey and I in matching bows.
Love her.
Amanda was super, super, super sweet and let me take Luke out for some errands while she watched fussy (but precious) Benjamin.
While Luke and I were living it up in Kroger...
Benjamin had his first big fall with Aunt Amanda. The world of mobility leads to some pretty big boo boo's. Honestly, I was very relieved to have had my sister there when Benjamin pulled up on the heavy wooden bar stool and it fell on top of him. Doctor Amanda made sure he didn't need stitches and was well taken care of!
Close up of the boo boo.
In other news, we have been social butterfly's lately.
Benjamin enjoyed his first pj birthday party. He had hard time sitting still for face paint and only managed to get half of a puppy face done. He still looked so cute!
We met my lifelong friend Mary for lunch.
It was so wonderful to catch up with such a sweet friend.
We can't wait to meet baby Hogan!!
This weekend my best girlfriends and I had our 2nd Annual Brunch in Dallas.
I have been through everything with these friends: elementary/middle/high school, college, tons of firsts, engagements, and now babies.
I can't wait to see what another year of friendship will bring!
(Amy and Alyssa missed the picture)
Finally, last night sweet Robbie and Alyssa came to Fort Worth to babysit Benjamin while Will and I went out on a date. It was so thoughtful of them to make the trip! I am so blessed to have such special friends in my life.
Benjamin had so much fun and loved spending time with you both.
Come back anytime! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Man On A Mission

Benjamin is a man on a mission.
He is loving the world of mobility and the freedom it is bringing.
After his morning nap today, I walked into his room to find him standing!
It is a little harder for me to get things done around here.
Benjamin 'helping' me wrap Christmas gifts.
He discovered this.
Which led to this.
"Hi Mom!"
Benjamin's favorite trick: Getting up on the coffee table.
It has been so much fun watching Benjamin explore. It has been amazing how fast he has gotten the hang of moving. I wonder what new trick this kid will learn next?