Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bluebonnets (Kind Of) 2013

If you remember the famous bluebonnet shoot of 2012 you will remember this...
not very successful.

This year the weather has been kind of up and down making bluebonnet season be a little anti-climatic. We should of taken pictures at the start of the month but missed that memo.  The flowers were still beautiful and we managed to snag a few decent shots.
At first Benjamin was cautious but willing to explore... 

 There were a few casualties along the way...

Then flashback to 2012 happened and Ben was over it...

The comparisons between these two pictures are pretty funny...


Monday, April 22, 2013

Lake Fun!

This is such a wonderful time of year to go to the lake! Wait. I take that back, there really isn't ever a bad time to go to the lake but the weather right now is especially wonderful. Here are some pictures from our weekend away.

Audrey and Benjamin enjoyed some time with Pop...

Then they enjoyed some time on Rocky...

And finally, some time with Amanda. 
These two are so cute together but can get into some trouble don't let those cute faces fool you.

My parents have added a few rooms to accommodate our growing family.  My Dad was very excited to get settled into "The Tree House" and recruited some help for the big move in.

Fishing break with Daddy.

 Pondering life.

Audrey is always very busy and has to make sure she know what everyone is doing at all times.  Here she is checking on Pop.

Brian and Luke attempting to catch a fish. 

The girls relaxing while watching the boys fish.

Trampoline fun.
So sweet how Benjamin is putting his beloved hat on Luke.

Love Brian's face in this picture. 

My parents dream in one picture.
Grandbabies. Lake. Pure Joy.
We are so blessed.

 We had a great weekend filled with lots of family time!
Life is so good.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This and That

Wow! Lots of catching up to do from random events this past month. 
Here I am with my little man. 

Tscheope play date with all the kids.
Being around the Tscheopes always makes me feel like I am a baby raising a baby.  It is always so fun being around such dear, lifelong friends.

We had a sleepover with the cousins. 
While the boys were playing in the mud and eating bugs...

I was inside with Audrey painting her nails and letting her play make-up.

Glow sticks and Easter egg baths are so fun.

A little light reading before bed.


We were at the park one day and Luke ran up to Amanda and I and excitedly showed us his 'dinosaur bone.' Hmmm... kind of gross but still super cute. 

Someone is still obsessed with ball hats.

Just being cute.

A visit to the library. 

I have cut Ben's hair his whole life and it grows like a weed.  He has decided that he doesn't want me to cut it anymore.  I finally gave in and took him to a professional.  He was in heaven riding high in his race car, eating a sucker while watching Thomas.

Too cute! I was very pleased with the cut even though it felt silly paying money for something I could do.  It did make my life a little easier so I am all for that. :)

Doing man things.

Taking a break from 'man things' to get a Mom snuggle in.

My 28th birthday hit around Easter and we celebrated it at Tula and Pop's that Sunday.  

I love to bake so any excuse to bust out my kitchen aide mixer and I am in.  Benjamin helped me make myself a birthday treat. 

While Benjamin was enjoying a sleepover at Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brian's house...

I was enjoying a yummy shrimp cocktail while my honey was enjoying a real cocktail.  I had been CRAVING this for some time now so to say it hit the spot would be a massive understatement.

My last birthday celebration was spent with the Schmid side of the family.  We had the gang over for a cookout.  Miss E was super sweet and brought a delicious cake we later inhaled.

Benjamin with his ladies.
Miss E, Geeb, and Granny G.

Three generations of Penny's. 

Boots and Matt squeezed in a little Benjamin time. 

Benjamin started swim lessons a few weeks ago.  He LOVES the water and seems to be becoming more and more fearless with each lesson.  Before class he loves watching the bigger kids swim.

The week I turned the big 2-8 my little girl turned the big 2-8 (weeks) in my belly.  I went for my monthly check up and my doctor decided to start doing monthly growth scans on her because of her size. At my 20 week she was a week bigger than 'normal'.  At 28 she is measuring 1 week and 3 three days bigger so she has added some days.  I look forward to see what next months sono says.  Benjamin was a week early (weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces) so hopefully Rebecca will follow her brother's lead and come a little early. :)