Thursday, January 30, 2014

7 Months - 3 Year Well Visit

Lover of puffs, bubble baths, her brother, taking short naps, sleeping through the night, jumping in her jumper like a crazy lady, fruit, and her paci.
Not a fan of rolling, changing clothes, and having a dirty diaper.
Rebecca is a doll!! She is so happy and loves to be around other people.  Some days she only takes three 30 minute naps but you would never know it because she is so so smiley! She can put her paci in her mouth and is great with her hands (we are about to start table food).  My Schmid babies are proving to be slow movers in the mobility department.  I was thinking Rebecca was going to be faster than her brother since she sat a whole month before him but has stalled.  She isn't rolling yet from her back to her tummy but she is so darn happy I am totally fine with her slow moving pace.  I bet this month she will do some new moves!
 Benjamin and Rebecca have really bonded this month.  He loves reading her books, singing, and feeding her.  Last night they took their first big kid bath together and it was simply adorable. 

 3 Year Well Visit
Army Shirt Progression...


Oh my he is getting big!
We went to the doctor a couple of days ago and Benjamin looks great! He is still super tall - 39 1/2 inches long - 95%.  He has gained a few pounds this year weighing 34 pounds 6 ounces putting him in the 70-80% range.  I think he has lots of muscles because he still looks pretty lean to Will and I. We are so blessed to have two beautiful and healthy babies!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Party Party!

 Benjamin had a very successful birthday week full of celebrating!
He woke up on his big day and ate a quick fun breakfast before school. 
 Saturday was his 'official' birthday party and all his favorites were invited.
The weather was GORGEOUS and he enjoyed a little outside time before his guests arrived.

 His party was plane themed which meant he needed a fun plane cake.  I had so much fun making it for him!

 Rebecca is so blessed to have so many wonderful women who love her.
 Love me some Savannah smiles.
 Time sure does fly. Sniff sniff.

 It wouldn't be a party without Auntie E!
 I don't think Benjamin loves anything more than his Pop.

 Why must the adults be the ones who ruin a picture?! :/

 The Schmids
 The Gibsons
 The kids played outside before opening gifts.

 Benjamin was super spoiled as usual!
 He had lots of help opening his gifts.
 The little girls were not impressed. :)
 I spy a few little hairs (finally) growing in.

 "Happy Birthday!"

 Cutie #1
 Cutie #2 (times 4)

 Cutie #3 who happens to be 3
 Cutie #4 (Cutie #5 was nigh nigh)

 Pinata time!

 Get it Luke!!
Love it!
 After some help from a Daddy the candy was finally released.
I love Audrey's face in this picture...
 Rebecca and her favorite men.
 The celebration of our precious Benjamin was so fun and I know he felt loved.  I snapped this picture of him that night.  I can still see my little baby in his sweet face.  God has shown me so much favor by allowing me to be Benjamin's mom.  My heart is so full.