Friday, September 26, 2014

Soccer Shots!

 Benjamin started Soccer Shots a few weeks ago and is in love.  He gets so excited every Tuesday night for his 'games.'
These pictures were from his first practice and I was so proud.  He worked hard, followed the rules (shocking), was a team player, respected his coach, and had a blast.  Benjamin was precious, precious.  He kept turning around and giving Will and I the thumbs up.

 I sure do love this kid.
 It is amazing how you can tell what personality each kid has on the field.  In true Benjamin form he took his time when learning the skills.  He wasn't impulsive and really thought about what he was doing.  In the below picture you can see how engaged he was.  His Daddy was proud to see his inner Army come out. :)
 Cheering section.
 Scrimmage time...
 I am going to have to watch myself.  My competitive nature comes out and I caught myself cheering him on a little too loudly. :) As long as he is having fun we are happy.

 Soccer is a success.  He says his favorite part is getting the stamp at the end of each practice.  Love it.  It will be fun to see what sports and/or hobbies he picks up throughout the years.
 I have been super jealous of my sister's camera lens for a full year now and finally got my own.  I know, I am such a little sister... some things never change. 
It is crazy to see how much a camera lens changes the quality of your pictures. 
Old lens of my adorable Benjamin in his Daddy's West Point hat.
 New lens.
 I have some great subjects to learn on.

 I see this "you are crazy Mom" face often.
Where does she get all that sass?!

 I will keep practicing but am loving this lens already!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Start of School!

 School is officially back in session and all seems right in the world.
 A couple of weeks ago we went to Meet the Teacher.  Benjamin kept calling his school "Miss Kathy School" and I had to remind him that he would be getting new teachers this year.
 We bumped into these two on our way in and snapped a quick photo.
Benjamin and Audrey go to school on the same days (Tuesday/Thursdays) but different teacher which is by choice.  They share a bathroom, go to chapel together, and play on the playground at the same time.  These two are peas in a pod and some independence will do them both some good. :)
 Benjamin ran right in and found his good buddy Travis from last year. 
  Found his cubby.
 Man, that 25 minutes of meeting my teacher was just exhausting...
 Benjamin was assigned to make an about me book to turn in his first week.  We both sat down and he told me what to draw, write, ect.  He was very excited to show his friends at school.
 His first attempt ever to write his name.  
Not too bad!
 The lake is (of course) his heaven. 

 He was cracking me up telling me the things he likes.
 He was SO excited to go the school that morning!
Here is a comparison of last year and this year. Sniff, Sniff.
 All geared up and ready to go!
Walking out the door he asked if "Bubecca" would be coming with him. So sweet.
 His first day was great success!  Benjamin is such a child that lovessss school - the teachers, the friends, the toys, the playground, everything! He loves learning. It is such a blessing he runs right in without any hesitation.
Here is his class this year.
 After school treats...
He said he would like a Popsicle.
 and "Bubeca" needed a cookie.
This was one bite people.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm Back!!

 I'm back!!
 Our computer had been overtaken by virus after virus.  Thanks Pop for hooking us up with a repair man! 
I am SO behind on posts so this one is going to be longgg.
Last month Auntie E and Memaw came for a visit and we went to Legoland.
 Blurry but sweet.
They had this really cool ride that Benjamin loved.

 They also had a life size car track for the kids.
Benjamin was pumped.... 
Notice the tall kid on the right.
 Gone. Kicked out because of his size.
Seconds after snapping this Benjamin was kicked out for being too young. (Most 3 year olds are high height.)  Saying he was sad would be an understatement.  It was all very relaxing. :)
 The kids loved spending time with Auntie E.
 The only picture of got of Memaw. :/

 The dog days of summer have been creeping by and we have been doing lots of indoor activities.
 Going through the car wash.
Not too sure...
 She loved it while Benjamin wasn't a fan.
 Jumpstreet is always great indoor fun.
 I guess a perk of waking up before the sun is you learn everyone's sprinkler schedule.
Lunch with Daddy for his birthday.
 Someone had their first successful church nursery experience.  Taking her baby doll was the key.
 Lunch with Megan!
Lot of Legos have been built.
 Hank playing.
Lot of playing with jewelry.
Cabin fever at its finest.
We have managed to embrace our sweat mustaches and brave the heat.
 The lake is always a great time!
 Another generation of lake floaters...

 The kids have gotten lots of cousin time in this summer.
 Uncle G has officially moved to Houston. (Tear.) We miss him already but can't wait to see what amazing things he will do next.
 Month 13 of Rebecca's life has been a big one mobility wise!! Amen. Amen.
The day she went from belly to sitting was also the day she pulled up.

 She has literally gone from a not rolling/crawling baby to a crawling up the stairs/walking while holding her hands/tummy sleeping girl in weeks.  She is happy happy! (And so is her mama!)
 Mobility is exhausting.
Benjamin was SOO excited to have his cousins over for the night.
 Another super relaxing experience. :)

 Styled by Benjamin.
Rebecca looks so thin here. :)
 Benjamin requests taking his bible everywhere.
Here he is preaching the word in Walmart. Rebecca is not impressed.
 With school starting this crazy hair needed some work.
 Will always appreciates a good Army cut.
 Audrey turned 3!
 We all busted out our diamonds and fur for a Fancy Audrey Tea Party.
 After her party we went to Kyle Chapman's 1st birthday party.  I am so bummed I didn't get Rebecca in a picture with him but we did snap her eating his cake.
 Benjamin's first attempt at his name.  Not too shabby.
 A few weekends ago we watched Westlake play Southlake.  It was so, so cool to see my Uncle dressed up in red and blue.  Pepaw would have been so proud of him and all his cheerleaders that came out to watch. 

 The Gang. (minus Pop, Rett, Ashley, Memaw, and Auntie E) 
We were so happy Boots was able to come out too!

Benjamin was OBESSED with Queso (the mascot).  I was starting to feel bad for the poor girl especially when he tackled her and her head came off.... :/ He went days talking about Queso.
 I wish I could tell you he slept like this most of the game but really he ran around with his cousins like crazy people.
 "Hey cheerleader I think you need to check the mirror."
Since it was Labor Day weekend we headed to the lake the next morning for some fun in the sun.
Lazy lake floating.
 My girl.

  Everyone was ready to get back to some activities.
 Crazy how much they look alike!
 The last week before school was fun. 
Everyone was ready to get back to having weekly activities.
 Amanda was over last Thursday and we turned Frozen on upstairs while we played with the babies downstairs.  We had literally commented on how quite the kids were and how nicely they were playing when Audrey shows up at the top of the stairs saying she made a "beauuutiful, beauuutiful picture" with Benjamin.... oh and with Sharpie.  This wasn't half of it! 
 I received this yesterday...
Stay tuned for First Day of School posts!