Saturday, November 22, 2014

Schmid Party of 5!

 Another blessing is being added to our family come June 2015!
Will and I are feeling so blessed and grateful. 
To think about my journey starting at the age of 20 and being diagnosed with Crohn's and looking at where I am now... I. am. amazed.  Amazed that my diseased body that I have struggled with on and off for 10 years has allowed me to carry 2 healthy babies and now starting my 3rd.  I am SO, SO, SO, grateful to God that fertility has not been an area that I have struggled with.  I may have a life long disease that I will be at war with until glory comes but my body is still strong and capable.  Thank you God for my babies.  Thank you for their smiles, their laughter, their challenging ways, their lives.  My cup truly runneth over.    
 So baby #3's gender will be a surprise until delivery day which should be around June 25th.  Benjamin and Rebecca both came a week early so I am sure this one will follow suit.  Rebecca will still be one when she becomes a big sister - she turns two June 28th.  Crazy that Rebecca and #3's birthdays are so close!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The day before Halloween was Benjamin's school costume parade.  We did a little photo shoot before leaving for school.  I am sure there was some neighbor watching me from their window as I was a crazy lady jumping up and down trying to get them to smile.  You do what you gotta do. :)

 Benjamin went as a dinosaur/dinosaur explorer man. :)

 He was so excited to walk in the parade.
 Audrey Hepburn's class was ahead of Benjamins.
 If you look close you can spy my 2 favorite 3 year olds.
 Peanut gallery.
 Friday night the kids were ready to trick-or-treat.
 I hope I am not the only mom out there that has to apologize to their cute husband for yelling at them during an important photo shoot for not "helping" the right way.
Love you Will. :) 
 We met up with the Larkin's and ate a delicious Elizabeth made dinner.
Anna and Elsa were a big hit.
 Rebecca did a lot of this while trick-or-treating.
 The big kids.
 Some of the decorations people choose never fail to amaze me...
 Nothing like being a child surrounded by zombies. :/
 Benjamin loves Elizabeth.
 My little family.
 Halloween was a huge success and Benjamin scored tons of candy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pre-Halloween Fun!

The weekend before Halloween we had a great time at the lake.  Will attended a TCU game and then Steeplchase in Fort Worth so I went solo with the kids (plus lots of helpful hands waiting for me).
 Benjamin loved taking nature walks with his best buds.

 I am so blessed to have such amazing brothers who take such great care of my kids.
Benjamin has a special bond with each of them.  Uncle Brian is always super quick to grab Benjamin for a wrestling match, a book read, a snuggle... he loves Brian SO much.


 This poor kid had a rough go at the lake.
2 (yes, 2 on different days) bee stings, attacked by ants, a big thorn cut his leg ANDD a fever on and off all weekend.  He was a trooper!
 Nothing like a good nap in Tula's bed.
 Pumpkin fun.

 Someone requested a spider on his pumpkin.

 He was so proud of it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Catch Up

 My family of 4 has been busy, busy this month!
 Benjamin is still loving his soccer practices that he calls games.

 Rebecca enjoys eating the whole time soccer is going on.

 Little photo shoot of my little darling.

 Someone doesn't want to "let it go."
 The face of a mom up at 4:30 a.m. because her daughter doesn't want to sleep.
 Stylish even when sleeping.
 "Helping" Daddy study.
 Real life people.
 That way brother.
 Katy Perry fun with my girls!
 New fan installation. 
Pop has saved us a ton of money and for that we are thankful.
 Aunt and Uncle babysitting time.
 ManeGait Gala.

 Fireman visit at school.
Note: Of course, he right next to him.
 Firetruck visit another day.
Note: Look who is right next to the fireman again! ha
 Church fun.
 Such a rule follower. (Sigh)
 "Prayer hands."
 For some reason this is her "prayer face." It cracks Will and I up.

 Wait up brother.
 A cape really transforms this little guys imagination.  It is so fun to watch.
 Doctor's visit.
 She did a lot of loving herself that day.
 Parent-Teacher Night at school.
Special time at Sonic before with Daddy.

 "I am special because I like to play with turtles!"
Interesting. ha.
 It takes a village.
 Love running an errand with one and catching my honey on a run with the other.
 He was in heaven!

 Just playing in a box at school.


 Drama. Drama.
 We are on month 2 of this kid waking up EVERY night because he is scared of monsters in his room.
"They have red, green, and yellow eyes and rock my bed back and forth."
"They crawl up and down the walls. Back and forth. Back and forth."
Finally last night, "Mom, there are no more monsters because it is now Christmas time."
 Be just like her.
 Benjamin had a blast at the TCU game with Daddy, Miss E, and Boots.
 Geeb was in town and he got to spend some time with her too!

 Sleepy Benjamin.
 I stayed home with this little girl.
 Pop picked Benjamin up last week and they golfed all 18 holes together!
 Stylin on the playground.
 And then this happened and it melted my heart.
So blessed.