Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Super Boy!!

 There is something about a little boy in a cape that makes my heart melt.  It think it's because I have very vivid memories of my mom taking a clothes pin and wrapping a blanket around my brothers shoulders automatically transforming them into a super hero. To watch my little boy join the world of magic and make believe is just precious.

 The super hero has a new trick....
It took two attempts then 3 successful days of hard core potty going for him to finally catch on.  He is going on 2 weeks of waking up every morning dry. :) The midnight "MAMA I NEED TO PEE PEE"s have been a little bit of an adjustment but those are already getting less as more time goes on.
His teachers are happy. His Daddy is happy. I am happy.
YEAH for only one kid in diapers!!
 Tula and Pop heard about his first successful "trip" and before we knew it Benjamin owned 50,000 pairs of underwear. :)
 Taking a super hero break.
 For some reason the ball in this picture makes me laugh.
 Another mission. Another day.

 Sister got in on the action.
 Will is also a super hero!
He is going back to school for Petroleum Engineering on top of Daddy duties and his job! It is a lot on his plate and he works super long hours but he still manages to have that sweet Will smile on his face at all times.  We are SO proud of him and just love him to pieces!
I snapped this picture in the middle of making dinner and potty training one Sunday night.  Rebecca was fussy and I just couldn't grow an extra pair of hands.  Will swooped in and managed to multitask.  I just love this picture of them and know it will be a sweet memory for him and I to remember how "crazy things use to be". :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Love Day!

 Happy Valentines Day!
Holidays in general are so much for fun with kids! They add so much joy to the whole day.  I did a little photo shoot with my two little valentines before Benjamin's school party.
 Love the progression of photos.
Thanks Miss E for their adorable outfits!!
Someone was not into it.

Then someone decided to give a lip kiss.

   And she liked it.

 A common theme at Benjamin's school function is at some point he decides to wrestle with his classmates.  Here he is getting some redirection from his sweet teacher Miss Kathy. :/
He really got into the singing.
"I love you!"
 Ice cream time!
 Wednesday is our day we spend time with "the cousins."  I was picking Luke up from school that day and Benjamin's party ran a little over so I went and grabbed Luke from his class.  Benjamin was SO excited Luke was able to join the party.
 Of course the grandparents spoiled the kids with valentine goodies.
 The weather was gorgeous that weekend!
 Will and I enjoyed a fun date at Top Golf while Tula and Pop watched the kids.  It is always so fun when I get some one-on-one time with my best bud. :)
 It is always nice to have a holiday that reminds you to appreciate those around you and show them how much you care!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 Last Monday Benjamin headed to the Fort Worth Rodeo with a few of his favorite guys. He was SO excited! Every year Denbury sponsors the Veterans rodeo night and all employees and family join for free. Luke was dressed to impress. :)
 Before the rodeo they joined up with Boots and Miss E for some BBQ. 
 After that they enjoyed the show.


 Love the close up. :)

 These two buds had a great time!
 Benjamin has slept with his stuffed animal horses ever since.  I think the rodeo has become a yearly tradition with these little cowboys.