Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dang you peanuts!

A couple of weeks ago Benjamin stole a bite of Luke's peanut butter sandwich  I gave Benjamin a tiny, tiny, tiny bite of my peanut butter sandwich while at my parents house playing with Luke and Audrey.  Within 10 minutes Benjamin had hives all over his face, and his eczema was flared up all over his body.  Thank goodness PA Amanda was there to shove Benadryl down his throat and tell me to monitor his breathing.  After a visit to the pediatrician and steroid shot I was armed with EPI pens and told he probably had the dreaded peanut allergy. The week after the peanut incident I took Ben to see a Pediatric Allergist to get further testing.
Here he is right before the food test. 

The doctor came in and gave him 14 (sigh) food test shots.  Benjamin was a champ and only screamed for a few minutes. Here is a shot of his back right after the doctor left. 

We had to wait 20 minutes for the food test to take its course.  Here he is enjoying a sucker and some Sesame Street.

10 minutes in. 
#10 was peanuts... it wasn't looking good. :/

Two seconds before the doctor told me he was allergic to peanuts. 

 Things could be way, way worse but I still was super sad/annoyed for Ben to have the peanut allergy. I love a good PBJ sandwich and I was excited for Benjamin to enjoy one too! Dang you peanuts, dang you.
 Now everywhere we go Ben gets labels like this... ha!

Benjamin still gets to be normal kid even if he doesn't get to have a PBJ in hand while doing it. I am so thankful for his health!

He still gets to play with trucks...

 He still gets to enjoy early Christmas decorations...

He still gets to play at the park...

He still gets to enjoy spaghetti night...

He still gets to play on the computer...

He still gets to play outside...

He still gets to give kisses to his bestie...

He still gets to enjoy Chick-Fil-A...

And he still gets to be adorable! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Halloween this year was ... interesting.  One of the those tough mom/kid days.
Benjamin was getting four big molars in at the same time so he was feeling pretty bad the entire month day.  I felt like it fit his costume pretty well though. 
Halloween day we went over the Aunt Amanda's for a photo shoot with the cousin.
My little grumpy garden gnome. :)

A little less grumpy...

Classic garden gnome.



Where has the time gone?

After some trick-or-treating at Tula and Pop's he enjoyed some playtime outside.  I FINALLY managed to get an adorable shot of him.

The rest of the week this little garden gnome loved wearing his hat around the house even though he still wasn't feel very well.  He always has loved a good hat!