Tuesday, March 22, 2016

9 Months!

 Isaac turned 9 months on the 19th and continues to bring so much joy to our lives!
 He loves to scream (as seen below), eat anything, swinging, being outside, baths, and smiling.  Isaac is the best baby if he can see his mama, his daddy, or his Tula.  If one of those three are in the same room/house as him they better be holding him or playing on the floor with him.  He just started crawling and it is so fun to watch him explore.  My other two didn't start to crawl until around 1 year old (crazy!) so this is just so fun for me to see him develop a little faster in the mobility area.  My back is also thankful. :)
 Our house is pretty crazy these days.  My 3 keep me on my toes daily.  Rebecca saw Isaac having his 9 month photo shoot and decided to join in.  Poor Isaac, his big sister lovessss him to death.  Every morning she wakes up and tells me, "Mom, I just love baby Isaac SO much. He's cute mom."  Isaac can be a little scared at times of the love especially when left semi alone with her which rarely happens.
 We went to the doctor yesterday and of course they told me he was perfect. :)
22 pounds 12.5 oz (91%), 29 1/4 inches long (84 %), and his head is the 94%.  Big, big boy.  Isaac is almost 2 pounds bigger than his big brother was at this age and 3 more than his sister. Benjamin was 3/4 of an inch taller, and Rebecca was 2 inches shorter.  Isaac has the largest head followed by Rebecca and then Benjamin.  Love comparing their sizes at these appointments.
 All 3 at 9 months.
 Isaac sleeps around 11/12 hours a night.  I snapped this after his last bottle one night.  I is my most favorite time of the day with him.  He is always so happy to get into his bed.
 Most feedings look like this. Sigh.  I have since put him on the floor and he holds his bottle himself. 
 He LOVES being outdoors.
 This kid will eat anything put in front of him.
 March Photo Flush
This month Benjamin learned how to swing and hasn't stopped.  Aunt Amanda finally was able to get it to click for him.
 Benjamin has ALWAYS loved playing with my hair ever since he was a tiny baby.  He now has another head of hair to play with.
 Loves a good frozen wig.
 Miss E visit.
 Mom, please pick me up.... now.
 Rebecca fell off the couch last week and wouldn't put weight on it for a good day.  I carried her (and Isaac) around ALL day.  I finally decided to take her in to the doctor.  She was so excited to go "get her bones looked at." We pulled up only to have her get out of the car and WALK into the office. Sigh.
 $200 later of x-rays I was told she was fine....
 Bedtime stories.
 First swim of the year.  Amanda's kids look adorable and mine, well...
 Girls down on the square.
 Will went to Oklahoma for a wedding and left me with these crazies.
 Will and Colton
Will served with Colton's Dad in Iraq who gave his life for our country.  
 Rebecca is loving all her new Spring clothes.
 Bachelor finale with the girls.

 She keeps me on my toes.
These two take fish babysitting very seriously.
 Fort Worth party.
 Poor buddy.
 Hansel and Gretel with Tula.
Love this picture of the Rebeccas.

 School Pictures

Thursday, March 17, 2016

February Flush

 I blame my lack of blogging due to the face I have 3 very needy children. :)
Photo Flush Below
 Watching Rebecca and Will attend a Daddy Daughter Dance was one of the most adorable things ever.  She was SO SO SO excited!
 She literally dance her shoes off and came home with blisters. 

 This photo is one I will treasure forever.
Their hands. Her flower. Her feet. 
I just love it.
 It was empty.
 Will snapped this of me painting her nails.
 Ready for a run.
 Happy 30th Landon!
 Play date with Cage.
 The kids had so much fun at their school Valentines Parties.
I love the photo bomb in the back.

 When I walked into Rebecca's class she looked like this...
I was cracking up.  Thrilled.
 She eventually perked up.

 They had a special delivery from Miss E when we got home.
 Megan had her baby- Sweet Penelope. 
 Tula took all the kids to see Peppa Pig Live!
 It was probably the best day of Rebecca's life.
She danced and laughed the entire time.

 My Wine Night Girls
 Love moments like these.
 Whoops, my baby turned 8 months and I didn't blog about it. Mom fail.  Since he is 9 month tomorrow I will just wait and do a post then.
 Getting close to having an actual braid that stays.
 This kid loves life.
 So the kids school had a massive outbreak of some virus that literally hit 90% of the school 
These two called each other to compare sickness.
 Good times.
 You know you have an awesome husband when you are out with friends for brunch and get this picture. Sunscreen and hats on, and eating lunch.
 Bath fun!
Actually.... Isaac was happy for 2 seconds and then realized his sister was next to him and bawled.  He is pretty scared of her.... she loves him to death! (literally)