Thursday, September 22, 2011


Time flies when you're having fun and boy are we having fun!!
This little 8 month old man has brought so much JOY to our lives.
We had a short photo shoot and Benjamin was cracking me up.
He kept giving me this "weee, I love life" face. Another "I love life" picture.
8 Month Facts: Wears size 12 clothes and 2/3 diapers - Hold his own diaper - Has started dancing when music is playing - Knows his name - Reaches for you when he wants you to pick him up - Loves banging his toys together - Has started getting some (super soft) table food - Puts everything in his mouth - Gets excited to go to bed at night when we put him in his crib - Still LOVES anything involving Hank and Luke.
What a cute kid.
I think I'll keep him.
Last weekend the Schmid side of the family participated in the "Walk for Life" 5K.
Benjamin was so excited to show off his new kicks.
Another cute picture after the race.
A few days ago we had a fun play date with some sweet church friends.
Benjamin and Abigail are only 3 months apart and getting so big!
Benjamin sure does love bath time. (Note: Yes, I know he doesn't look to excited in this picture. He was splashing and laughing two seconds before this picture was taken. The flash on my camera puts the stun on him.)
I have recently put Benjamin's bumper back in his crib and it has resulted in some crazzzyy bed head.
Not a clue of the hot mess on top of his head.
Love it.
I am cherishing this sweet 'baby phase' as I know it will be over before I know it.
I love you my precious Benjamin more everyday!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hodge Podge

Time to clean out my camera!
Get ready for a hodge podge of pictures documenting events from the past two weeks.
Snuggle time with Daddy.
Benjamin got his first raspberry above his eyebrow and was very tough. He only cried for a few seconds after he fell into the shopping cart. A little mommy loving and he was ready to shop! We had some special visitors a few weeks ago. Memaw came to get some Ben lovin. It is always so nice to see my sweet grandma. Come back soon Memaw!! Benjamin loves his Auntie E! She is my most favorite Aunt and is always so fun to be around. Benjamin really knows his Tula and has started reaching for her when she is nearby. I love to watch them interact.
Auntie E you are just too fun!
Thanks Luke for all my new toys!
One of Benjamin's favorite things to do is chase Hank with Daddy outside.
(Note: Do not give your dog two flee treatments back-to-back. It will result in hair loss and a new color of hair to grow in.)
Benjamin and I started a music class last week and he loves it.
We sing, dance, and play instruments with other fun moms and babies.
My dear friend Kristen came over one Saturday morning for some breakfast and Ben time.
She also came with a yummy treat and very important question...
so excited for May 19th!
Benjamin and I went over to Aunt Amanda's house the day before Miss Audrey was born. The second we walked in the door "Luke hold Benjamin."
Cousin Love.
Luke can do no wrong in the eyes of Benjamin.
My favorite nephew.
Benjamin was so excited to meet Audrey. He got some playing in at Tula and Pop's before heading up to the hospital.
He spent a lot of time on Pop's shoulders...
and then Uncle Rett's.
Spoiled little guy. He sure does get lots of love!
This past Sunday we traveled back to Mckinney so Will could meet his new niece. Benjamin asked to hold Audrey. I think he thought she was a stuffed animal because once she moved he couldn't get enough of her! Between Benjamin and Luke's roughness, I think Audrey is going to be one tough cookie!
It must be something about these Gahan kids that crack Benjamin up.
Will loves his new niece.
I have felt bad for Ben this summer because we have been trapped in our house due to the heat. The heat finally let up for a bit yesterday and we went on a family walk. It was so cute to see Ben's fluffy hair blow in the wind. Even though the picture doesn't show it, I know he was so excited to be outside!
Please heat stay away... bring on the cool weather!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Girl On The Block

Audrey Claire Gahan has made her debut!
She was born August 31st at 9:04.
7 pounds 8 ounces
20 3/4 inches long
My sister had a C-section and did great! It was so different experiencing a C-section birth. I was talking to Amanda at 8:50, she was wheeled back, and by 9:04 Audrey had been born. I am so thankful Amanda is feeling great and is able to really soak up her little bundle.
Luke came to the hospital a few hours after Audrey had been born. It was so precious to see him walk in and see her for the first time. He was super overwhelmed but handled the transition great. Luke was very gentle with "baby sister" and was very concerned where she was the whole visit.
He insisted she stay in her 'baby bed' the whole time so he could keep a close eye on her. Luke was very into documenting the day with his new 'camera' from me.
Benjamin was super excited to meet his first girl cousin.
He looked HUGE next to Audrey!
I love my new niece.
I can't wait to paint her nails! :)
Here are some more pics of our new little angel.
Anyone that is questioning the presence of a faithful God needs to experience a baby being brought into this world!
It is something I will never get sick of.
Audrey Claire, Aunt Ali is so happy you are here.
I can't wait to kiss those cheeks again really soon!!