Sunday, July 24, 2011

6 Months!

Has it been 1/2 of a year already!?!
We survived! :)
We went to the doctor a few days ago to get another round of shots (not fun) and Benjamin did great! He is 16 lbs 13 ounces (42%), his head is 44 cm (65%) and is 29 inches long (99%). The doctor said he is the length of a 9 month old. Dang boy. At this rate we might be joining the carnival. :)
At 6 months Benjamin is eating every 4 hours during the day with 2 meals of solids. He consistently sleeps 7:00 - 7:00 every night. Benjamin takes 3 naps a day -- one at 9:00 and two in the afternoon. I am thinking he is about to drop the late afternoon nap.
Benjamin loves eating anything he can get his hands on, chasing Hank, jumping in his jumper, touching faces, and sucking on Sophie. He loves being outside, listening to music, and seeing new things. He is a super cuddly baby but only with a select few, I happen to be one of the chosen ones. Benjamin has started to have 'stranger anxiety' when we are around anyone new or unfamiliar. He is wearing 9 month clothes and size 1-2 diapers.
This picture accurately shows how long this boy is!
Here he was waiting for the doctor to come in. He knew what was about to happen....
Benjamin loves his hands.
As precious as my little man is, he still has his dramatic moments. He can be laughing one moment and "fake fussing" the next. I wonder where he gets this? Will and I get a kick out of it!
He LOVES to stand. When he stands his feet HAVE to be touching. It is the most hilarious thing ever. It doesn't matter how far you angle him down or turn him... those feet are staying together.
Last week, Benjamin and I headed to Mckinney to celebrate Tula's birthday. We had so much fun swimming, hanging out with some of our favorites, and eating yummy food. Benjamin loved some special time in the pool with his Pop.
Pool fun.
Most of the gang.
Love this pic of Uncle Rett and Luke.
Benjamin loves his Uncle Grant!
Ben is sad Uncle Grant will be heading back to college soon.
Tough life kid.
Classic Ben moment...
andddd two seconds later....
Luke and Benjamin love each other.
Luke insisted they both wear hats while playing.
I am bummed I didn't get a better picture documenting this moment but it will have to do. My mom has started a Gibson family tradition, "Tula's Dance Party." Basically all we do is my mom turns on music and we dance around the house. Luke and Benjamin LOVEDD it. For the next two days all Luke would say was "Tula's dance party, Tula's dance party." It was so much fun to let lose and dance like no one was watching! What a fun Tula these boys have.
The next day we headed to the new aquarium in Grapevine Mills Mall. We tried to get a picture of the boys before heading in but Luke had different plans.
"No pictures, no pictures."
Benjamin loved looking around. He is so observant and really enjoyed being in a new environment.
Our attempt of a group shot.
Something on the floor must have been very interesting.
What a JOY it is being this little guy's mom!! My cup runneth over.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Place I Call Home

Last week Benjamin, Amanda, Luke, Tula and I traveled to Austin to visit Memaw and Pepaw. My grandparents have lived in the same house my entire life and I have millions of memories in 309 Laurelwood Trail.
I consider it another place I call home.
Benjamin had so much fun playing with his Memaw. I know he is still so tiny but I honestly think he remembered her.
Here he is smiling away.
My Memaw was a teacher (an amazing one) for the majority of her life. She has bought Benjamin enough books to fill a bookcase. I hope Benjamin has a love for reading and learning like his Memaw has.
Memaw... why don't you come out of retirement? I have the most perfect little student for you.
Benjamin enjoyed his first taste of a juicy watermelon. Nothing better on a hot, summer day!
I don't think he liked it.
Precious Luke enjoying some.
Luke is very into tickling Benjamin's toes. Benjamin is kinda obsessed with Luke. He laughs at EVERYTHING he does. I literally would pay my sister to borrow Luke to entertain Ben.
My Pepaw isn't doing very well and it breaks my heart my children will miss out on meeting the Grandfather I knew. He was the man who called me "Turkey," taught me how to throw a football, showed me the discipline of faith, attended every pep rally, play, game, ect. and loved his family with all his heart. He was always present and I will make sure my kids hear all about my precious Pepaw. The one and only amazing Pepaw.
It is a special day today...
Nothing better than a love that comes in the form of a Tula.

Monday, July 11, 2011

2 Years Ago Today...

I married the love of my life.
So much has happened in two short years.
Here's to 60 more my sweet Will!
This weekend we went on a much needed date. We had so much fun eating a yummy dinner at Del Friscos and sharing a few drinks at the Flying Saucer. It was so wonderful being baby free for one evening!
Thank you Miss E and Boots for watching our little man!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

Benjamin had a wonderful first 4th of July out at the lake!
Benjamin and Luke really got into the festivities with their flag shirts from Tula. Tula won the award for "Most Patriotic" with her star tiara and flashing star necklace. The boys were fascinated with their whimsical Tula's attire. Benjamin loves America.

We were all up bright and early the next day. Ben enjoyed a bottle on the porch with his Uncle Brian. He is getting so close to holding it on his own but still needs some assistance.

The best part of the day is having coffee out on the porch while watching the lake. I love the kid in the front - morning bedhead. check. tiny chair. check. cup of milk. check. banana. check.

Benjamin loved hanging out with his fun Uncle Grant.
Rosy checks, slobbery face, messed up hair... This baby loves the lake!
Benjamin had so much fun watching Luke "fish" in the baby pool. He got a little too excited and left a little something for Luke to fish out. Oops! :)
Just hanging out...
Daddy made sure Ben was super hydrated.
After a long day of fun, Benjamin was ready for bed.
The next day we had fun playing outside on the swings. Benjamin got a little sleepy...
I love this baby.
Benjamin loved talking with his Tula and Pop.
Benjamin cuddling with Tula.
Milk coma.
Benjamin's first 4th was a huge success! I know we will enjoy many more 4ths out at the lake!
All that fun sure was exhausting...