Monday, May 18, 2015

New York, New York!

 The Gibson girls took New York last month and it was a blast!!
 The first night there we ate at Balthazar.  
They were all super jealous of my water.
 The food was yum yum!
 The next day we went to the Meat Packing District.  This part of New York is one of my favs.  I love going in all the food stores and seeing their local produce.
 That afternoon we ate high tea at the Plaza.  This was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  Every girl should experience this in her lifetime.  It was SOO much fun!
 We each selected our own brew with our own teapot. So fun!

 Eloise at the Plaza.
 Throughout the trip I received pictures from home.  Joanne was watching Rebecca that day.  Here she is on a walk.
 Uncle Brian picked Benjamin up from school that day and took them all to Sonic.  The first day I left my Dad in charge of my kids while Will was taking a test.  It really does take a village! Thankful to be apart of such a hands on family!
 Bryant Park. Another one of my favorites.
 That night we enjoyed a fun cocktail hour and dinner at Extra Virgin.  The cheese plate was to die for at this place.
 The next day we visited the 911 Museum.  It was a very humbling experience that every American needs to see.

After the museum we walked around the Stock exchange.  We ate lunch on the oldest street in NYC. It was so much fun!
 Facetime with my people. :)

 We sat in Washing Square Park for a good hour and watched this man practice his ninja skills.  I was crying from laughter.

Our last full day we started out eating a yummy breakfast at Good Enough to Eat.
 From there we walked around Central Park.  The sun finally came out and we were able to enjoy the park.

Alyssa joined us for that morning and it was wonderful catching up with her.
 Picture from Will back at home.
 My mom, Ashley, and Amanda decided to do Top of the Rock and I decided to nap.
7 months pregnant is a great reason to spend $50 on a petty cab ride.
  While I was away I missed a soccer game.  Benjamin still had a cheering section. 
 Dressed by Dad. :)
Thank you Tula and Pop for yet another amazing trip!! I appreciate you both so much!

Friday, May 15, 2015


 Amanda and I decided one day after school to venture out and try to snap the kids in the bluebonnets.  5 kids, 2 adults, and pending rain made it a gamble. I was please how they turned out this year.

 Gahan crew.
 The Gibson Cousins.
 Last year... they have changed so much!
 2011 - a classic :)