Sunday, July 28, 2013

1 Month!

1 Month!!
I would say "wow that went fast" buttt actually it feels like Rebecca has been with us forever.
Rebecca loves eating, being held (especially by her Daddy), swaddled with her arms up, and baths.  She is already super strong and is pretty impressive with her head control.  
Rebecca is precious, precious and so loved already!

(Someone wanted his picture taken during the photo session.)
I wish I could say there has been lots of this going on...

I wish I could say her adorable brother has been an angel...

and super helpful.
but... I should of titled this post...
Roughing It With Reflux
This really should be her 1 month picture. :)
After countless hours of crying, a couple of doctors visits, an attempt at soy formula (back on being exclusively nursed) that almost led to an ER visit, cutting out dairy for me to help with her gas, and lots and lots of Tula help she was finally put on Prevacid to help contain her acid reflux.  We are now on day 3 of the medicine so hopefully sometime soon it will kick in and start making our girl feel better.
She is up all day and night doing lots of this unable to be soothed by anything...

Rebecca's big brother has chimed in a few times.
I think he is adjusting nicely.

I think I am adjusting nicely too. :) 
This is what motherhood with a newborn really looks like.
I bought a Woombie so Rebecca could be swaddled easier with her arms still up.
Visitors this month...
Pop came and helped watch Rebecca while I took Benjamin to church summer camp.  They had a grand time watching the Open. 
 Miss E, Granny G, and Geeb all came in town for a visit.  
They brought lots of gifts for both kids.  Benjamin played with his new truck for hours after they left. 
 Memaw, Auntie E, Uncle Todd, Riley, and Alexis were all in town for Ashley's shower, Luke's party, and Uncle Todd's birthday.  They stopped by first thing on their way into town to meet Rebecca.

They didn't forget about Benjamin and brought him a car full of treats.

Auntie E bought Rebecca the most precious "Princess and the Pea" bed that she will have forever.  
 Ben's new puppy was a huge hit.

Through the first month of Rebecca's life it has been nice having a two year old forcing you to do normal things.  We had so much fun watching him laugh and play in the hose one night.

Before I know it my girl will be out there with her big bro running around too!
Thank you Jesus for this precious, beautiful child that I prayed and prayed for.  I am so grateful and humbled to be her mama. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rebecca's First 2 Weeks!

These first two weeks have gone by fast! 
Friday we went to the doc for Rebecca's check up. She is 8 lbs 6 ozs (75%), 20 3/4 inches (90%), and her head is 14 1/2 inches (90%).  The goal was for her to be back at her birth weight which was 7 lbs 14 ozs so I was a happy mama.  Rebecca is proving to be a BAD burper which is resulting with a ton of tears.  We are trying to figure out how to keep our little lady gas-free and happy.

Rebecca's first two weeks of life... (Picture flush)
First manicure. 
My heart.
Luke's prayer. Love this.

We have been trying to get some of this...
Rebecca has managed to get a little more than her Mommy and Daddy. :)

Happy 4 Years!
While Ben was at the lake for the 4th, Will and I squeezed in a "date" to celebrate.  

Ben is adjusting to life with a sister. 

Watching Real Housewives. :)

Happy 4th of July!

Someday my wedding shoes will fit.

Dang you gas. Dang you.
Bounce house fun.

My sleeping beauty. 
Will and I are willing to try anything at night. :)

My babes around the same age.

 Such a good helper.
Saturday was my Mom's birthday and we celebrated with a waffle/pool party at her house.
We squeezed in a little photo shot before swimming.
The best we got. (Sigh)

Benjamin has become quite the little fish.
Opening gifts.
Rebecca getting some love from her God Mommy Aunt Ashley.
Whew... that was a lot of activity in a two week span.  I can't wait to see what the next two weeks will bring!
Thank you Jesus for this PRECIOUS child!!!