Thursday, October 20, 2016

First Days of School!

 School kick off started off with Meet The Teacher for Benjamin.
 He has a few of his buds in his class that he already knew.

 The night before his first day we had our annual feast.  It is such a great way to remind our children of God's presence in their lives.  We always wear crowns because we are daughters and sons of the king.
 I had to retake his annual first day picture because the lighting was bad. 
So here is he on his second day. :)

 He ran right in, waved, and went straight to work.

 Last day of the first week!
 Our family celebrated with a fun treat at Sonic.

 Then it was Rebecca's turn for Meet the Teacher.
 We love Miss Cindy and Miss Summer.
 She was SO SO excited to get to her Turtle class.

 Probably one of my favorite pictures of her ever.
 Just like her brother she ran right in and got straight to work.
 School is tough work.
 Celebration brunch with my buds.
 The second day she wanted more pictures taken of her.

 Ice cream with some buds after school one day.
So far the school year is going great!